Snapshot: Seventh Grade Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day


Seventh-grade study of "We are Witnesses: Five Diaries of Teenagers who Died in the Holocaust" this week included a small ceremony in English class to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation. Students read aloud from United States Holocaust Memorial Museum passports featuring biographical details of Holocaust victims and survivors and created luminaries to remember each person they learned about.

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Lunar New Year 2020


Welcome to the Year of the Rat! MPA's global curriculum took center stage on Jan. 28 as we celebrated the Lunar New Year with song and dance by international students and Mandarin language students from grades 2-12. PHOTO SLIDESHOW (see more) VIDEOS

Lunar New Year 20202020-01-30T15:00:46-06:00

Snapshot: Fourth-Grade Domino Design


Fourth-graders accepted a domino design challenge in science class after reading about artist Lily Hevesh and watching videos of her amazing creations. Students created their own domino designs with straight lines, curves, corners, different levels, etc., and also discussed the skills, strategies, and character traits that one needs to be successful at this kind of design work. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Examining the Legacy of Andrew Jackson


U.S. history classes studying the westward expansion of America's white settlers used the mock trial format to interrogate the legacy of our seventh president, Andrew Jackson, putting him on trial for driving Native Americans off their lands. Preparing and conducting opening statements, direct examinations, and closing arguments, students took on the roles of historical figures who were involved in the real-life accusations centuries ago, arguing their cases before teacher Paula Etheridge. The format requires that students evaluate perspective and corroboration, which are key elements of the study of history. They learn to evaluate contemporary primary source documents, which are used as [...]

Examining the Legacy of Andrew Jackson2020-02-06T15:02:39-06:00

Fighting the Winter Slump


Prior to coming to Morgan Park Academy, I was an adjunct professor at the college level, teaching acting, theatre history, and speech classes. At each of the three institutions, there was a visible trend in my students’ effort and achievement between the months of February and April: the dreaded second semester slump. In reviewing report cards for the third academic quarter, the same trend is evident in Middle School. Many students whose grades had been on an upward trajectory take a sudden dip, indicating a drop in effort and/or a “relaxing” of work habits. Anecdotally, I see more emails and hear [...]

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Student Leaders Are Made, Not Born


You might associate leadership first and foremost with a magnetic personal charisma or a knack for speaking on stage in front of large groups. But students at Morgan Park Academy take a broader, deeper approach. Beyond the obvious, often innate talents is a more substantive form of leadership focused on “we” instead of “me.” This means developing the ability to assess what a group needs to function well and to help make that happen. Learning to be inclusive and receptive to other people’s ideas, to lead through encouragement and support, and to thrive working alongside all kinds of people. “We can’t [...]

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Geography Standouts Square Off


Congratulations to the class champions in grades 4-8 who competed in our annual National Geographic Bee: Addison, Charlize, David, Kye, Lauren, Mary Jane, Seth, Zach, and two Zuris. Zuri C., a sixth-grader, held off classmate Zuri J. and Seth, an eighth-grader, in the final round, earning a chance to qualify for the upcoming Illinois state bee. Great job, all!

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Finding Success Through Failure


Last week a student thanked me for allowing him to fail. Three months earlier, he had missed the due date for an online quiz, unsuccessfully petitioning for an extension no less than 10 times. Now, unexpectedly, he was thanking me for giving him a zero. What changed? As he explained, the consequence of his failure — even on a nearly inconsequential, five-point quiz — inspired him to work harder on other assignments to lessen the impact of those missing points. He began keeping a daily agenda of his assignments and checking his email with more regularity, so that he doesn’t miss [...]

Finding Success Through Failure2021-01-06T12:00:26-06:00

Alumni Feedback Shows Impact of the MPA Experience


How can a parent (or a student) know what dividends they might reap from an MPA education? All they need to do is listen when a bunch of alumni come back to share their experiences and answer questions from their former classmates. This is what happened Jan. 6 when we welcomed nearly 20 young alumni back to talk to Upper School students about what to expect and how to succeed in college. The alums shared a lot of wisdom and good advice — advice that probably rings more true for their peers than anything a teacher or parent could say. Representing [...]

Alumni Feedback Shows Impact of the MPA Experience2020-01-09T14:51:43-06:00
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