Zixuan (Ethan)

Carnegie Mellon University

Major: Business
Hometown: Hunan, China


In his own words:

“My experience at MPA changed my way of thinking about education. I used to think completing my task is the only thing I have to think about, but after experiencing a more well-rounded learning environment at MPA, I realized that learning is more than just finishing homework and passing tests; it’s about becoming a better person.”

From his teachers:

“It has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience to have Ethan in my classes for three years in a row since he joined us sophomore year. I am glad to be part of his journey, witnessing his academic growth. This year, Ethan is taking the most challenging math course, AP Calculus BC, and he is consistently tackling the challenges, whatever it takes, as he has done in other courses. He has shown great resilience and persistence.

“Ethan’s enthusiasm for math and science also led him to join activities outside the curriculum. He has been a valuable member of the Academic Challenge and math teams, reaching the state level this year. He is not only an intelligent student full of sincerity, but also a role model for his peers for his academic pursuits and handling the challenges with grace and determination.”
— Ms. Yoon

From his classmates:

“He is skilled at a lot of things. An interesting and humorous person to know.”
— Will

“Good at critical thinking. He helped me a lot with my statistics class.”
— Congkai