University of Michigan

Evans Scholarship Recipient — Full Tuition and Housing

Major: Biology
Hometown: East Side


In her own words:

“My favorite MPA memories are the many firsts I experienced throughout my four years here. I attended my first wedding, helping Mr. Sowinski decorate the venue and celebrate his special day. Project Week allowed me to travel for the first time outside of Chicago. I was able to travel to California my sophomore year and South Korea my senior year, where I found myself immersed in a different culture and creating unforgettable moments with my closest friends.

“Through the endless support and kindness of my advisor, teachers, and counselor, I am excited to further my education as a first-generation college student. I will cherish the close relationships with my teachers, taking with me all the valuable lessons they have taught me!”

From her teachers:

“Four years — time flies in the blink of an eye! Every day she comes to my classroom quietly; every day she leaves my classroom quietly. It feels like an old friend, never needing to think about but never forgetting. It feels like the warm afternoon sun, not noticeable but always comfortable. This is Ximena who took Mandarin for four years.

“Over four years, I saw Ximena has grown from a shy girl to a confident young lady standing in the center of the stage. Her persistence, diligence, honesty, compassion, humbleness, cooperation, and loyalty will be missed by the MPA community. Like a ray of warm light, she will quietly light up every corner where she stays.”
— Dr. Zhao

From her classmates:

“The person I’ve known the longest out of everyone in this senior class, Ximena has become a strong and intelligent woman. She’s someone I could always count on and I know she’ll go on to do great things — even if she’s going to be a Wolverine, ugh — and I’m glad I got to spend four years with her.”
— Manny

“Whatever happens, I know that Mena will always be a positive force, up for anything. Whenever I arrive in the morning, I know I will always be greeted with a smile and a hug, even if we have a math test.”
— Maya

“Mena is such a genuinely kind and caring person and I’m so grateful to call her my best friend.”
— Zara

“Ximena is the best person to be around on a bad day. She is one of the funniest and loving people I’ve met.”
— Reese