Lehigh University

Hometown: Shenyang, China


In his own words:

“My favorite memories of MPA are the Project Week trips, especially Hawaii. We lived together, ate together, and laughed together as a big family. Everybody has a great personality and that’s why I just love this school. Go MPA!”

From his teachers:

“Tony is one of the most talented math students I’ve taught. For years he has been one of the top students in ICTM math competitions and WYSE physics competitions, both in events highlighting individual skill and in those requiring him to work well at coordinating with the rest of the team members. In last year’s ICTM state finals he took third place individually in Algebra 2 competition and helped our Algebra 2 team take second place in the state. He qualified again this year to represent MPA downstate in ICTM math competition and WYSE physics competition.”
— Mr. Goehmann

From his classmates:

“A genius kid. Expert in science-related fields. Funny, positive.”
— Zixuan (Ethan)

“Tony is a hidden gem at the Academy. His extensive knowledge of math, physics, and chemistry paired with discreet, yet clever, sense of humor make him a standout student and a great friend.”
— Tim

“Tony the Little Genius (TLG). I’m impressed by his amazing physics knowledge.”
— Congkai

“Little Genius! He always helps us in mathematics and physics.”
— Will