Loyola University Chicago

Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Beverly


In his own words:

“Probably the most notable characteristic about MPA is its diversity. Everyone is accepting and encouraging of one another. Namely, it is an environment where success is universally encouraged and individual differences are celebrated. I could not imagine going to school anywhere else. Safe to say, my experience at the Academy was truly a special one.”

From his teachers:

“I can honestly say I have never met someone quite like Tim. Upon first glance, he can appear to be simply an accountant — calculating how hard he has to work to achieve a grade, what he has to do to get into college, and even how to appropriately compliment a teacher in order to be in their good graces. And yet, for anyone who takes the time to look, it is clear that, while he may, in fact, put many things into a ledger — including just how much he can push a topic, a joke, or a line of thought — he is also passionate about ideas, causes, and his own growth in ways that can’t be quantified.

“I have had the good luck of teaching Tim in five different classes, and in each one he brought equal amounts of humor and carefully considered commentary. I admire his willingness to challenge the thinking of others and to turn that same lens on his own thinking and choices. I also truly appreciate his willingness and ability to take any angle of an argument and defend it with what appears to be absolute certainty that he is right.”
— Ms. Concannon

From his classmates:

“A natural leader who never settles for less. Always strives to do his best. Super funny. Athletic and one of the smartest individuals I have ever met.”
— Elijah

“Tim is naturally intelligent and always looking for ways to improve himself. Hope to always know the kid!”
— Carter

“One of the first people I got to know when I first came to MPA. Talkative and humorous.”
— Will

“Tim was a really great roommate on our Hawaii trip.”
— Congkai