Mofei (Murphy)

University of Waterloo

Hometown: Shanghai, China


In her own words:

“I’ll always remember being on the basketball team with sisters who share unforgettable memories together such as bus rides and lock-ins. We sweated, shed tears, and played our hearts out for the team. They are a family to me, including our beloved coaches. I’ll remember my junior and senior year homecoming dance, and one particular afternoon the weather was really nice and we all sat outside on the grass to enjoy it. All the teachers are so kind and I am lucky enough to chat with them casually on a daily basis. My favorite places are the fourth-floor lounge and the couch in the Arts Center. I enjoyed my open times with my friends. Every moment here is precious. I will miss them forever.”

From her teachers:

“Mofei, or Murphy as she is better known, is a remarkable individual. I got to know her as a student in my world history class and as her basketball coach. Murphy is a very good student who wants to be pushed to be her best. In basketball she formed a great bond with her teammates. She was a true example of what it is to be a teammate, offering advice and showing support to her teammates on and off the court.”
— Mr. Drahozal

From her classmates:

“Murphy is such a kind and hardworking individual and every conversation with her always ends in a laugh. I know she’ll go far in life.”
— Zara

“A good friend of mine. Good gamer. Good to talk to.”
— Tony