Meet the Class of 2019 — Maya


New York University’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music

Hometown: Monee

In her own words:

“One thing I learned as a member of the MPA community is that life is what you make of it. Throughout my years here I have been taught to value hard work and friendships. I will always remember the time I’ve spent with friends in the fourth-floor lounge dreaming about what we will accomplish in our lives. My favorite times at MPA have been spent in places where I was able to question the complex makings of the global society, whether this was in the classroom or during Project Week trips. The diversity of my experience here is something I know has positively influenced my perspective and is something I will always carry with me.”

From her teachers:

“Maya is an exceptional young woman. She is a leader on campus and her talents are so multifaceted. She is a powerhouse academically, a leader of Student Council, Arts Council, Service Council, band, and chorus. Maya is a varsity athlete in soccer and volleyball and well-respected on the field. All of this, plus she is a gifted singer and songwriter.

“As her teacher, it has been a pleasure and an honor to watch her her grow in her confidence and abilities in spoken French. One of my favorite days last summer was when the AP French scores were released. I got an email from Maya sharing her passing score and I felt such a burst of pride. Maya will be an incredible asset to NYU.”
— Mme. Jorge

From her classmates:

“My close friend since kindergarten, Maya has always been hardworking, determined, and passionate in all of her work. Watching her grow as a singer/songwriter is amazing.”
— Angela

“I’ve known Maya since I first came to MPA in Middle School. I can say that it has been an absolute pleasure to have a friendship that has grown throughout all these years. Maya has always been a shining light in times of need, being a great friend and someone to look up to.
— Ethan

“I remember when she was on stage performing, winning over the crowd to be elected president of Student Council.”
— Bryan



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