Meet the Class of 2019 — Jillian


Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts at The New School

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Morgan Park


In her own words:

“My favorite memories at MPA have come backstage at our school productions. I’ve met some of my best friends during the shows and I love the camaraderie and support we provide each other with. Whether it be through our hype circles or our cast after-parties, we always come together.”

From her teachers:

“Creative, determined and passionate about live theater, Jillian has been a force to be reckoned with at MPA both backstage and onstage. Jillian has an ability to appear completely sure of herself that is unusual in someone her age. Yet this certainty isn’t born of arrogance but of deeply rooted thoughtfulness that is nourished by a good dose of skepticism.

“Jillian often seems unflappable, calm, sensible and unimpressed — that is, until you get her talking about her last experience at a live play, whereupon she becomes an entirely different, wildly animated, theater ‘groupie.’ This is especially true when she has been successful in going around to the stage door after a performance and been able to speak to the very people she just watched on the stage.

“Once you have seen this side of her it becomes clear that perhaps reserved and studious Jillian is just a long-term acting gig and in fact, fully alive and passionate Jillian is what the world will see as she begins to chart her own course in life.”
— Ms. Concannon

From her classmates:

“We have been friends since freshman year and Jill has always been there for me. She has such a beautiful personality and is so talented. I hope her passion for theatre can help her realize her dreams. She’s such a kind person.”
— Mofei

“Jill has been my friend since I first came to MPA. We both started on our own paths, but high school is where our friendship began. Countless conversations at our lunch table and ridiculous arguments don’t begin to scratch the surface of our friendship. Jill was a staple in my day, always there for me, and always raised my spirits.”
— Ethan

“Jillian is a very talented individual who is not afraid to speak her opinion no what she believes in. She is determined and strong-willed. Incredible admirable. I remember her going on rants in math, and then laughing later about it.”
— Julie



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