Loyola University Chicago

Major: Environmental Sciences
Hometown: Beverly


In his own words:

“The beauty of MPA comes in all the little moments. Every time I got to make a new friend, got some much-needed help from a teacher, or helped someone else. All of these things show the beauty that all of us at MPA are a family, a part of a collective, but each bringing our own part.”

From his teachers:

“Getting to know Ethan has been a real pleasure. I admire his intelligent, snarky, and occasionally dark sense of humor. He often has me laughing during class. Ethan is a young man of many interests and talents. His work on forest conservation and in forestry has been formative for him, and he brought his knowledge of this topic into the classroom in important and relevant ways when AP French studied global challenges and solutions.

“Ethan is also a competitive e-sports player and an advocate for the MPA arts program. His strong leadership on Arts Council was invaluable this year, as was his participation in so many MPA theatre productions. I know he will make a real impact in college next fall. Merci Ethan. Ne sois pas un etranger!”
— Mme. Jorge

From his classmates:

“Despite his sarcastic and prickly exterior, Ethan is one of the most generous and caring people I’ve met. There is never a dull moment. His conviction to help is astounding and admirable.”
— Jillian

“It’s been to great to see how passionate he is about nature and forestry and following this career.”
— Bryan

“Great personality, really friendly.”
— Tony

“The funniest person I know.”
— Aiyana