Loyola University Chicago

Major: Finance
Hometown: Homewood


In his own words:

“My favorite memories at MPA come from all of the Project Week trips we took. It was eye-opening to experience places that I have never been before.”

From his teachers:

“To demonstrate courage in everyday life is to take life as it is, rather than how you want it to be. Throughout his years at MPA, Carter has walked this road, finding the positive in situations as they are laid before him. He has consistently added levity to difficult circumstances and endeavored to work through the hard days even when the challenges appear insurmountable. As he turns the page on a new chapter, he will face new challenges; he will, without a doubt, find an optimism and a purpose in it all. He will do as Bob Dylan once wrote, ‘keep on keeping on.’ And for that, we will be forever grateful.”
— Mrs. Fahey

From his classmates:

“His ability to be confident in everything he does is impressive.”
— Maya

“Since sophomore year, Carter has always surprised and never failed to make me laugh with his laid back demeanor. His truthful and blunt responses in French class are never boring!”
— Jillian

“I remember in sophomore year when Carter first came to MPA, he and I were in the same first-period study hall for a whole year. Those were good times.”
— Connor