Drake University

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Garfield Ridge


In his own words:

“My favorite MPA memory was Project Week this year. Going to South Korea was an experience I will never forget, visiting a stunning country with some amazing people, making memories I will keep forever. However one of the more memorable memories I have of Korea was when I learned that when takoyaki are very hot and paid the price due to my stubbornness and insistence on eating it in one bite. Also, seeing North Korea’s flag was kind of cool.”

From his teachers:

“Bryan has been a key member of various teams excelling in ICTM math competitions, including last year’s Algebra 2 team which finished second in the state. He qualified again this year to represent MPA downstate in both ICTM math competition and WYSE math and computer science competitions.

“He is extremely creative. If there are three standard ways of solving a problem, he will instead explore two new ways of his own design, and if a problem has been proved to be impossible he isn’t satisfied until he’s tried it himself and explored alternative conditions in which it would be possible.”
— Mr. Goehmann

From his classmates:

“A natural intellectual who excels in math and science. You can find Bryan being a gentleman by opening the door or working on an extraordinary project.”
— Ximena

“Bryan is highly skilled in the fields of computer science and mathematics. While most of what he does is too complicated for me to understand, he was still kind enough to entertain me in countless conversations about what he was working on.”
— Tim

“I’ve known Bryan since our freshman year and he’s never failed to impress me with his insane knowledge of technology and computers. Last year my computer started malfunctioning and I was going to take it to the Apple store; Bryan fixed it in a matter of minutes!”
— Jillian