Howard University

Hometown: Calumet Park

In her own words:

“I will always remember the fun times I had during basketball practice with my teammates and while working MPA’s summer sports camp for the past three years, where I met so many bright, enthusiastic, and fun kids.”

From her teachers:

“Amaya was one of the main reasons for the success of the basketball team the past four years. As a captain she led by example and was a role model for the rest of the team. Her senior season was full of individual milestones, including a season points record and finishing as our No. 2 all-time scorer, but she always placed the success of the team above any individual records.

“She has come a long way from the incoming freshman who changed her mind about playing basketball after the first summer practice and stayed away until her father brought her back two days later. Amaya is a quiet person, but she has desire to always work to her potential. She is a student that I will always have fond memories of.”
— Mr. Drahozal

From her classmates:

“The one thing I’ll never forget about Amaya is her incredible athletic skill. It isn’t an overstatement to call her the greatest basketball player in MPA history. Amaya, I’ll never forget your strong leadership and amazing abilities.”
— Halle

“Amaya is such a fantastic basketball player with a kind and warm personality which I found out after I getting to know her more. She’s always fun to talk to.”
— Mofei