Chicago State University

Hometown: Marynook


In her own words:

“My favorite memories at MPA are creating a step team that got to perform for the entire school at Dance for Life, and going to different places during Project Week. The one I did this year was Tennessee, where we did hiking, zip-lining, and water rafting. That was fun! I also enjoyed the events MPA had like the Holi festival and more. The best part was the dances we had. Lastly, my learning environment. I have some great teachers that taught me everything I need to know.”

From her teachers:

“It is hard to believe that Aiyana has been at MPA for only two years. Her enthusiastic support of her classmates in all of their endeavors is truly remarkable. She has livened up all sorts of school events with the creation of the MPA step club along with her peers. One of Aiyana’s most memorable contributions was teaching ABC students step moves and entire step routines after school. She has a passion for sharing her talents with others and the younger students just beam with excitement and adoration when they see her around campus.

“Aiyana reminds me of a Shakespeare quote: ‘How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world.’ This is how I picture Aiyana: a candle throwing her light onto all that she touches.”
— Mrs. Drown

From her classmates:

“Aiyana is outspoken, beautiful, and talented. She joined our class junior year and has been the perfect fit ever since. I can always count on her to make me laugh or join me in singing a song. I’ll remember her goofy moments in ceramics class, and she will definitely be missed on the step team. We see you, Big Sis Yanni!”
— Ximena

“Loving human being. Super funny and always knows how to start a party. Passionate about what she does. Loves music and can sing any R&B song possible.”
— Elijah