Is this the year your child finally gets organized for school?

Organization is a learned skill that befuddles many children. Splitting the challenge into different categories is a great way to begin: locker, backpack, planner, and study skills.


A messy locker sets the tone for your day. It is very frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for. Get a rack. Put textbooks and notebooks on top, reading books on the bottom. Another idea is to organize your books in order of what you have each day. More ideas are available here.


Similar to a locker, papers can get lost or destroyed quickly if you are misusing your backpack space. Some good ideas for organizing are here.


Having an agenda written down is very useful. (Here’s 6 good reasons why!)

Plan time for homework, studying, when you will take a break, and what your reward will be. Do backwards planning, working backwards from a due date. This helps you know how many hours you will need to complete an assignment. Color coding is also helpful. (Watch this video for an example.)

Study Skills

This encompasses many positive habits:

Have one folder where you put all of your loose papers, to review later in the year for finals. Even better, after each test, create note cards of the points emphasized on the test, so you are ready to study for the final.

Teach the content to another person; this enhances memory.

Don’t forget to eat; snacks are an essential studying accessory.

Put your phone away or turned over so that you aren’t seeing the screen light up or making noises. Checking your phone every 10-15 minutes, however, could be used as a reward for studying. Set a timer for how long you will be studying and how long your reward will last.

More good tips in this video.


As always! I like to connect most topics to the importance of sleep. Sleep is crucial to your child’s success, and lack of sleep definitely inhibits organizational skills. Read more in previous blog posts by me and by Nurse Conley!

By Jennifer Stec

Ms. Stec is our school counselor.