Congratulations to the MPA class champions in grades 4-8 who competed in the National Geographic Bee on Jan. 23, 2019:

Miles Beachum
Micaiah Crowder
Cece Drown
Lauren Fifer
Kelsey Frazier
Alexander Hendel
Riya Kapoor
Kye Marshall
Kaylie Schmidt
Ella Wallace-McFarland

The top three finishers, respectively, were Alexander, a fifth-grader; Lauren, a sixth-grader; and Riya, an eighth-grader.

Alexander edged Lauren in the final round, after a long tie, by knowing that the Red Sea connects to the Gulf of Aden via the Bab el-Mandeb, a strait between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

As school champion, Alexander will take an online test to see if he qualifies to compete at the state level.

Great job, all!