Eleven alumni, three coaches, and one team have been selected from a pool of dozens of nominees for election to Morgan Park Academy’s Athletic Hall of Fame and will be inducted in ceremonies at Homecoming on Sept. 21, 2019.


Chosen by our selection committee to join the top athletes, coaches, and teams in MPA sports history were:

Frank Burd ’52
Football, Baseball, Basketball

Brian Coller ’79
Football, Baseball, Basketball

Tom Danielewicz ’89
Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

Michael Gersack ’89
Soccer, Basketball

Richard Danielewicz ’99
Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling

Bianca Kodzoman ’99
Volleyball, Basketball, Softball

Yazin Akkawi ’09
Basketball, Soccer

Nolan Bielinski ’09
Baseball, Soccer

Anna Fitzgerald ’09
Volleyball, Softball, Basketball

Asia Lamar ’09
Tennis, Basketball

Milan Tica ’09

Coach Carol Metzcus

Coach John Torrez
Baseball, Golf

Coach Joe Ziemba
Football, Track

2008-09 Softball Team

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