Sophomore Artist Recognized in New York Times Competition


Morgan Park Academy sophomore India Lopez is among 21 students nationwide chosen for top honors by the New York Times in its annual editorial cartoon contest for students. India's cartoon, "The Rose That Grew From Concrete," depicts a young girl looking up at a statue of U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez modeled after the Statue of Liberty. "And they thought girls like me couldn't win," the girl says. The Times panel of judges chose eight winners, 13 runners-up and 27 honorable mentions. India was recognized as a runner-up.

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National Geographic Bee


Congratulations to the MPA class champions in grades 4-8 who competed in the National Geographic Bee on Jan. 23, 2019: Miles Beachum Micaiah Crowder Cece Drown Lauren Fifer Kelsey Frazier Alexander Hendel Riya Kapoor Kye Marshall Kaylie Schmidt Ella Wallace-McFarland The top three finishers, respectively, were Alexander, a fifth-grader; Lauren, a sixth-grader; and Riya, an eighth-grader. Alexander edged Lauren in the final round, after a long tie, by knowing that the Red Sea connects to the Gulf of Aden via the Bab el-Mandeb, a strait between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. As school champion, Alexander will take an online test to [...]

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Learning From Failure


What happens when a student fails? And by fail, I don’t necessarily mean getting an “F” on an assignment; I mean when they try their best on a word problem, project, essay, lab, etc., and either are unable to complete the task or get a grade lower than they expected. For many students, this feels like failure, and when they fail, they walk away with the belief that they are not good at whatever skills and knowledge sets were necessary for the task. For many students, this experience reinforces what they already “knew” about themselves — perhaps they are “bad at [...]

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Snapshot: Chemistry Escape Room Challenge


Upper School students used their knowledge of stoichiometry to complete an "escape room" challenge in AP Chemistry class, finding clues in their classroom by solving chemistry problems. Clues were text, images, and audio recordings that, when solved, revealed the code to unlock a box containing information about the next clue.

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Spelling Bee Champions Square Off


Congratulations to our class champions in grades 3-8 who competed in our annual Lower School and Middle School spelling bees on Jan. 9: Duke Chisolm-El Alana Haaruun Oriah Hill Saanvi Malkani Arnav Paluri Varun Paluri Jordan Ross Annie Thompson Chris Tompkins Kennedy Turner Demon Vandyke Savanah Weathers Arnav, an eighth-grader, held off Demon, a seventh-grader, in the final round for the second straight year, while Varun, a fifth-grader, outlasted Kennedy, a fourth-grader, after a marathon 54 rounds! The Paluri brothers advance to the upcoming Chicago Collaborative Bee. Great job, all!

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Snapshot: Middle School Basketball


MPA eighth-grade basketball is on a roll — the girls have won 5 of their past 6 games and the boys have won 5 of 7! Our school photographer caught up with both teams Jan. 16 at a home doubleheader. >> PHOTOS: MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS BASKETBALL vs. FXW >> PHOTOS: MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL vs. FXW PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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How to Become an Artist When You Don’t Know Where to Start


Through the years, I’ve listened to plenty of excuses from people who do not get involved in the arts. I've made some of them myself! We talk about how we'd like to be part of a particular artistic endeavor, but then claim we aren't good enough to sing or dance or act or draw with the real artists. Too often, we let things like self-doubt, fear of failure or embarrassment, or others' opinions keep us from following our artistic instincts. What are some things we can do to feel more confident? Learn From the Masters So you haven’t found your own [...]

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Snapshot: Sixth-Grade Contemporary Art


MPA sixth-graders visited the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Chicago on Jan. 15 for a tour and workshop about art focusing on social justice, especially the invisibility of women of color. After learning about works throughout the collection, students created art that was bold and visible, including costumes to turn two of their classmates into walking statement pieces. PHOTO SLIDESHOW

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Junior Forward Comes Through for Girls Basketball


By Tim O’Brien The Beverly Review Struggling at the free-throw line through the first weeks of the season, Kaitlyn Mullings switched up her routine at the charity stripe. Before shooting, she now places the ball under her arm and takes a breath, and the Morgan Park Academy (MPA) junior forward seems to be on to something. Connecting on 5 of 6 free throws in the fourth quarter on Jan. 9 against Woodlands Academy in an Independent School League (ISL) game, Mullings’ overall effort helped host MPA earn an exciting 48-43 win. “In the beginning of the season, I was missing a [...]

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Getting Organized for School


Is this the year your child finally gets organized for school? Organization is a learned skill that befuddles many children. Splitting the challenge into different categories is a great way to begin: locker, backpack, planner, and study skills. Locker A messy locker sets the tone for your day. It is very frustrating when you can’t find what you are looking for. Get a rack. Put textbooks and notebooks on top, reading books on the bottom. Another idea is to organize your books in order of what you have each day. More ideas are available here. Backpack Similar to a locker, papers can [...]

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