This school year, Morgan Park Academy students enrolled in our Middle School technology course explored computer science through the Python programming language.

We also completed a unit on design and engineering. In this unit, students worked collaboratively through the procedural design process to build a functional pinball machine (pictured below) or contraption. At the start of this project, students researched various resources to use as a reference throughout their design phase. Supplies for this project included recyclables, 3D-printed objects, and LED lights.


Next school year, Middle School technology classes will be able to delve deeper into the design and engineering process with the construction of our new maker space, from robotics to 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, and more. Students will continue to explore computer science through game and app design.

We strive to challenge those enrolled in this course to think critically about real-world problems while providing the technology and tools for a solution, and students are really loving it.

“I was so happy when I heard that the tech and science labs were being remodeled, plus new additions like a woodshop, sewing machines, and more 3D printers,” said Sheridan, a seventh-grader.

“I can’t wait to take tech class to the next level. I feel like I am getting next-level education that is not available at other schools. As much as I love using computers, I would love to do more hands-on projects that will teach me more skills. I loved making pinball machines and vector drawings this year, and with the tools available next year, my classmates and I can create bigger and better projects.”


Added her classmate Nora:

“This year’s tech class was very educational and fun. I liked when we did more creative things such as vector drawings and the pinball machine. They were both enjoyable and exciting projects, and I was good at them as well. I like the idea of the wood shop and building shop because it is a safe and fun way to learn new things. We will be able to explore new ways to learn about technology.”

By Shavonne Terry

Ms. Terry teaches technology classes at all levels as our Educational Technology Coordinator.