We caught up with several members of the Class of 2018 to get their perspectives on their time at Morgan Park Academy as they get ready for graduation, college, and beyond.

New York University
Hometown: Evergreen Park

“There’s nothing like the community here at MPA. I initially left after eighth grade before returning my sophomore year, because I learned from personal experience that there’s nothing like the bonds you form here with your friends and teachers.”

University of Michigan
Hometown: Chicago Ridge

“Basketball was my favorite co-curricular activity. I wouldn’t always look forward to practices, but it was truly my favorite activity because of the families I created over the years and the bond I had with Coach Drahozal. He was always there for me and for the other girls. Basketball was like a second family for me.”

Loyola University Chicago
Hometown: Blue Island

“I’ve been here since preschool, and the biggest thing that the Academy did to help me prepare for college was allow me to explore my interests and explore new activities that I usually wouldn’t do. My experiences I had inside and outside the classroom, from sports to theater to our unforgettable trip to Japan, will carry me into college and beyond.”

University of Southern California
Hometown: Crown Point, Indiana

“When I transferred to MPA, I was apprehensive about joining a school where many students had known each other for years. But everyone was incredibly kind and welcoming, and I quickly felt like a member of the community as well. Moreover, the teachers that I have had at MPA have been influential role models. They were truly invested in my personal success and advancement and guided me through the challenging college decision-making process.”

University of Chicago
Hometown: Munster, Indiana

“Four years on the tennis team have been both fun and challenging, and it’s been one of the best social groups I have ever joined. And when I joined theater my junior year, that gave me another group of incredibly friendly and fun people. I’ve spent the past four years of my life at an incredible institution, which makes me feel all the more prepared for the future.”

University of Chicago
Hometown: Mount Greenwood

“I’m so grateful to have met such amazing people and made such amazing memories at MPA. From performing in Little Women to laughing and crying with the basketball team, and everything in between, this has been a time to remember.”

Indiana University
Hometown: Schererville, Indiana

“Our annual Project Week trips were some of my favorite memories. I went on international trips each year and got to experience the rest of the world with my best friends.”

École Hôtelière de Lausanne
Hometown: Shanghai, China

“My favorite place on campus is Jones Bowl. It is beautiful in winter when covered in snow. In spring, it is even better; my friends and I would sit on the grass and enjoy the sun during our open periods.”