Our students are part of an amazing community here at MPA. Educating the whole child is a busy but fulfilling job. In my discipline of physical education, educating the physical child takes on lots of looks. We try to instill the idea of “educating the body” so that they know what physical education actually means.

Being lifelong learners, how can they keep the “physical” in their education? Or, how can they keep the “p” in P.E. when they’re away from school? Here are some ideas:

PLAY – Encourage your kids to go out and play. Keep them safe and keep them close if you must, but get them outside and away from their devices. Many of our students tell us that they never go outside to play. And don’t forget to include family outdoor fun on the weekends.

PARTICIPATE – Become a member of a team, group or organization outside of school that regularly gets out and about in the community and does something for the greater good.

PRACTICE – Do your kids ever come home and show you what they have learned in P.E. class? Do you ever ask them? Stay involved with your child’s physical development. You might be amazed at the skills your child learns on a daily basis. And remember, these skills are life skills, too.

PORTIONS – Knowing what your child eats and how much they eat can help give them a healthier heart and a longer life. Watch their portion size of foods that are high in fat. Childhood obesity and diabetes are two controllable conditions.

PURPOSE – Move with a purpose. Have a reason to go somewhere, get something or work out somehow. Efficient movement is rewarding. Exercise does not have to be boring; in fact, we make it fun every day!

Physical Education is the only subject which, by the very nature of its content, has the potential to affect how a person will feel every moment of every day for the rest of his or her life.

By Sue Oczkowski

Coach Oczkowski is our curriculum leader for Physical Education. She has taught P.E. and coached MPA sports at all levels from beginner to varsity.