MPA honored the best of the fall sports season with an awards banquet for Upper and Middle School teams on Oct. 30, 2018.

Angela Cabrera, Brandon Chan, Samaria Harris, Zara Hashmi, Dillon Leonard, and Eli Moss were recognized as top players for Upper School golf, boys soccer, girls tennis, and girls volleyball.

Ava Barker, Isabella Cabello, Annika Echols, Ayanna King, Maya Lopez, Carter Middleton, Alexus Spann, Mia Wallace, Bradley White, and Julie Zigman also received individual awards at the varsity and junior varsity level. Andrew Cabrera, Riley Cleveland, Anna Sheppard, and Aiden Vujevic were recognized for Middle School achievements.

2018 Upper and Middle School Fall Sports Awards


Middle School
Warrior Award: Aiden Vujevic


Trophies: Carter Middleton, Brandon Chan
ISL All-Conference: Brandon Chan


Junior Varsity
Warrior Award: Dillon Leonard and Eli Moss
Most Improved: Bradley White

Middle School
Warrior Award: Andrew Cabrera


IHSA Sectionals, Second Place
ISL Tournament, Sixth Place
Warrior Award: Zara Hashmi and Angela Cabrera
Sportsmanship Award: Annika Echols
Most Improved: Ava Barker
Four-Year Award: Zara Hashmi
IHSA Sectionals: Singles – Ayanna King, 3rd Place; Doubles – Zara Hashmi & Angela Cabrera, 4th Place
State Qualifiers: Singles – Ayanna King; Doubles – Zara Hashmi & Angela Cabrera


IHSA Regional Finalists
MVP: Samaria Harris
Warrior Award: Maya Lopez and Julie Zigman
Most Improved: Mia Wallace
Four-Year Award: Maya Lopez, Julie Zigman

Junior Varsity
Warrior Award: Alexus Spann
Most Improved: Isabella Cabello

Middle School
Maroon Team Warrior Award: Riley Cleveland
White Team Warrior Award: Anna Sheppard