Once they reach the Upper School, students at Morgan Park Academy have access to technology courses focused on computer programming and mobile app development, as well as clubs and activities that extend STEM exploration beyond the classroom.

Many students are nervous about learning computer programming if they have never taken a class until high school, which is why Computer Programming I is paced for novice learners to help them understand concepts and techniques associated with programming. Students learn skills required for careers in programming and the work ethic needed for a computing environment, number systems, data types, programming paradigms, and program structures.

“I’m excited to learn programming this year,” said Bryan, an Upper School student, “because of all the possibilities it opens for me in the future, whether it’s writing my own code or applying for a job in the fields of software or computer engineering. I also intend to extend my knowledge of programming as I am building my own computer.

“I’m thrilled at just the concept that I can create anything by inputting data in an open source.”

Programming at MPA crosses over beyond the classroom with opportunities to participate in the Girls Who Code club and to compete with the robotics team in the FIRST Tech Challenge. The goal is to engage students beyond the curriculum subjects by introducing them to as many STEM clubs as possible.

From Lower School to Middle School to Upper School, technology education is a critical part of the MPA journey.

By Shavonne Terry

Ms. Terry teaches technology classes at all levels as our Educational Technology Coordinator.