This year we will be holding our second annual Spring College Fair (open to the public) on Wednesday, April 19th from 2:15 to 4:15 pm. Last year, over forty colleges/universities participated and provided families with information about their schools and the college application process. While this was an evening event last year, to encourage attendance, we decided to hold part of the fair during the school day this year so our freshman, sophomores, and juniors could attend this event during last period. We invite parents and families to the fair once the school day is complete, starting at 3:00 pm.  

Like last year, we have over forty colleges/universities who have signed up to attend. Some out-of-state schools participating are: Claremont McKenna College, Drexel University, Emory University, Macalester College, Marquette University, Saint Louis University, Saint Mary’s College, Saint Olaf College, and University of Wisconsin. Some in-state schools are: DePaul University, Dominican University, Illinois Wesleyan, Loyola University, NIU, School of the Art Institute, SIUC/SIUE, and University of Chicago. We encourage all of our students and families to take full advantage of this event on campus.  

Many of our current and previous senior students have noted the importance of developing relationships with the college representatives who visit MPA or whom they meet on their college visits. Admissions representatives that visit are often a part of the admissions process, so developing connections with these individuals can be beneficial. Many students are able to reach out directly to the admissions representatives they meet with any questions they may have during the college application process. This guidance can be very helpful.

College fairs can additionally serve as a “one stop shop” to compare and contrast schools that a student may be interested in, prior to deciding which schools to visit. At a fair, don’t forget to prioritize the questions you would like to ask. Ask about the academic program you are interested in to assess your level of interest in the programs offered and the school. It is important to learn if the academic environment is what you are looking for as well. The school environment includes the size of the school, the type of school (a small liberal arts school, a large university, or an arts school, to name just a few), the average class size, teaching style, and the academic rigor of the school as well. Inquire about the admissions process; are there any tips the representative can offer that would improve your application? Find out about student life on campus. Always include discussions of financial aid and scholarships, internships, and support services following graduation.