Upper School students entertained a packed house at Baer Theater with our spring play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” on April 20-21.

Shakespeare’s beloved comedy is a play that has something for everyone, where youthful folly, fairies, royals, and tricksters collide. Add in a misapplied love potion, mistaken identities, and a troupe of amateur characters performing a play-within-the play, and you have a recipe for comedic success.
In the MPA adaptation, students performed in the traditional Shakespearean dialogue and in the original setting of 16th-century Athens, but the costume designer, junior Olivia Kowalsky, dressed the human characters in modern attire to emphasize by comparison the fantastical outfits of the fairies. The set mirrored that fantastical look of the fairy kingdom with lush trees sparkling with white twinkle lights.
After the final performance, the cast and crew hosted a meet-and-greet with audience members, answering questions and autographing headshot photos.
Director Scott Sowinski, who also teaches Upper School science, applauded the students’ performances and dedication in weeks of rehearsal, including their work with the difficult dialogue and Shakespearean motifs.


“Watching them shine onstage and off made me the proudest teacher,” he said. “I hope they continue their journey in the arts through all of MPA’s offerings.”

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Bottom – David Valentine
Quince – Maya Lopez
Starveling – Angela Cabrera
Snout – Sofia Clute
Flute – Tim Rooney
Theseus – Ethan Jorjorian
Hippolta – Kelsey Ramski
Egeus – Theo Covello
Demetrius – Dillon Leonard
Lysander – Josh Jimenez
Helena – Jillian Dunlap
Hermia – Halle Berghoff
Oberon – Alex Fleming
Titania – Hailey Brisard
Puck – Niles Williams
Peaseblossom – Annika Echols
Cobweb- Olga Mourgelas
Moth- Julie Zigman
Mustardseed- Amanda Sun
Stage Manager – Hannah Branit
Technical Manager – Amara Obasi
Assistant Director – Ireland Lawrence
Production Assistant – Josue Woodard
Costume Manager & Designer – Olivia Kowalsky
House Managers – Kat Stanley, Brenden Fleming
Music Direction – Matthew Hu
Make up – Eli Wallenstein
Assistant Stage Managers – Diego Gomez, DeAngelo Fletcher
Assistant Costumers and Designers – Jacely Arceo
Assistant House Manager – Celeste Kettaneh
Ushers and Box Office – Aziz Hassan, Dev Desai
Backstage- Brenden Fleming, Ana Stanley, Abbey Haynes, Natalia Calvente de Rio
Sound – Nathaniel Nicholes
Lights – Tasneem Abbasi
Directors: Mr. Sowinski and Mrs. Bergin
Set Construction: Mr. McDowell and Mr. Leonard
Theater Manager: Mr. Wendell