By Tim O’Brien
The Beverly Review

Ben Rosen knew he wanted to get into radio broadcasting, especially doing play-by-play announcing, but he didn’t want to jump in without any experience.

So, the Morgan Park Academy (MPA) senior started thinking outside the box.

In preparation for doing play-by-play on MPA’s student radio, Rosen turned to sports video games, especially an iconic favorite.

A Morgan Park resident, Rosen has worked this fall and winter to revive WMPA Radio, MPA’s student-run radio station.

“I’d do play-by-play of my friends playing [Madden NFL] just to get the experience,” Rosen said. “I love doing radio, and I’m comfortable doing it. It’s great to see where we came from and where we’ve gone. Hopefully it can continue on.”

Starting in freshman year, Rosen started thinking about bringing back WMPA, which had been run for years by students with faculty help.

It was a slow-go at times, especially acquiring the equipment and finding a good working space, but Rosen kept moving forward.

After students started building playlists last year, from country to rock and everything in between, Rosen debuted doing live broadcasts this November as the basketball season tipped off, announcing play-by-play of boys basketball home games.

The wait and hard work, Rosen said, were definitely worth it.