Our annual holiday program on Dec. 14-15 spotlighted choral groups and concert bands of all ages, plus a holiday play by our second-grade students!

VIDEO: Women’s Chorus – Mister Santa

VIDEO: Men’s Chorus – The Shepherd’s Spiritual

VIDEO: Concert Bands – Christmas Medley ft. Little Drummer Boy

VIDEO: Choral Groups

VIDEO: Middle School & Upper School Bands

Dec. 14-15, 2017
Middle School Band
directed by Mr. Ellis and Dr. Schuman
“When the Saints Go Marchin’ In” (arr. Ellis, Schuman)
“Lean On Me” (B. Withers, arr. Schuman)
Combined Bands (MS/US)
“Christmas Medley, feat. Little Drummer Boy”
Upper School Band
directed by Mr. Ellis and Dr. Schuman
“Silver Bells” (Livingston/Evans, arr. C. Custer)
“The Symphonic Beatles” (Lennon/McCartney, arr. J. Cavacas)
Lower School Chorus
directed by Mr. Rogala
“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” (Johnny Marks)
Combined Choruses (LS/MS)
“Welcome Christmas” (Albert Hague, Dr. Seuss)
Middle School Chorus
directed by Mrs. Kurut, accompanied by Mrs. Scolan
“Adeste Fideles” (18th Century Latin Hymn, traditional)
“Minka” (Russian folk song, arr. Greg Gilpin)
Upper School Chorus
directed by Mrs. Kurut, accompanied by Mrs. Scolan
“Remembering Decembers” (PINKZEBRA)
Men’s Chorus:
“The Shepherd’s Spiritual” (Traditional American Spiritual, arr. Donald Moore)
Women’s Select Chorus:
“Mister Santa” (Pat Ballard)
“Silent Night” (Franz Gruber, arr. Charles Cassey)
Soloist: India Lopez
“How To Train Your Reindeer (To Fly): An (Improbable) Inspiring Musical For Young Voices”
by Teresa Jennings and Karl Hitzemann
Professor Atticus Antler – Duke Chisolm-El
Dr. Hannah Hoof – Jordan Ross
Schoolmaster Josie Buck – Willow Proctor
Coach Catapult – John Schmidt
Santa Claus – Carter Harris
Mrs. Claus – Lailah Skipper
Dasher – Nadia Lane
Comet – Brooklynn Dotson
Prancer – Addison Benford
Cupid – Grace Hatley
Blitzen – Lea Acklin
Buttons – Tenny Lewis
Reindeer Cadets
Bessie – McKLa Murray
Amelia – Autumn Hamilton 
Buzz – Billy Perry 
Howard – Cole Philcock 
Orville – Ivan Fullilove 
Wilbur – Maya Conley
Sally – Caileigh Johnson
Angel – Havillan Dow
Randolph – Jacob McGee
Jingles – MJ Divita
Winkie – Logan Lomax
Rocky – Teddy Echols
Darcy – Alina McLachlan
Bingo – Max Koranda-Wade
Directors: Mrs. Raser and Mrs. Halvorsen
Screenwriter: Mrs. Keelan
Musical Director: Mr. Rogala
Scenery: Mrs. Egan and 4th & 5th grade
Choreography: Abby Raser


Production design: Mr. Wayne Wendell
Technical assistance: Mrs. Peggy Bergin and Drama students
Scenery: Mrs. Egan and Art students
Program coordination: Mrs. Heather Kurut