The 2017 Lower School Gym Show was an absolute success and such a delight to see! The show is a reflection and collection of skills learned through age-appropriate activities during physical education classes. The coaches and students put in a lot of practice time and effort to learn routines in the weeks leading up to the performance.

All students in Pre-K through 5th Grade participate in the show, working on not just gross motor movement skills, but learning the art of collaboration as well.

This year’s routines included:

Pre-K 3: ABC Fitness Fun

Pre-K 4: Gator Ball Go-Getters

Kindergarten: Scooter Movement Exploration

Kindergarten: Juggling & Locomotor Movement

Grade 1: Manipulating Hula Hoops

Grade 1: Awesome Aerobics

Grade 2: Beach Ball Color & Coordination

Grade 2: Gymnastics & Tumbling

Grade 3: Jumping: Over, Up & Around

Grade 3: School Spirit & Floor Hockey

Grade 4: Super Soccer Skills

Grade 5: A Tribute to Chicago Baseball

Grade 5: We Ain’t Never Getting Older (We have a dance to prove it!!)

And a special thanks to our coaches for all their hard work! Coach Cantone, Coach Fahey, Coach Oczkowski, and Coach Pariso!

Click here and here to view pictures.

Click here to view the video.