Six alumni, two coaches, and five teams have been selected from a pool of dozens of nominees for election to Morgan Park Academy’s Athletic Walk of Fame and will be inducted in ceremonies at Homecoming on Sept. 23, 2017.

Chosen by our selection committee to join the top athletes, coaches, and teams in MPA sports history were:

Dave Rosi ’67
Football, Wrestling

Tom Manos ’77
Football, Baseball

Noor Nahhas ’05
Basketball, Softball, Tennis

Kristen Javorski Kipping-Ruane ’06
Softball, Volleyball, Basketball

Robert Churchill ’07
Baseball, Soccer, Basketball

Alex Ingram ’07
Baseball, Soccer, Basketball

coach Tom Daker

coach Dalyn Drown
Baseball, Soccer, Softball

1965-66 Baseball Team

1966-67 Football Team

1966-67 Golf Team

1976-77 Girls Volleyball Team

2007-08 Golf Team