MPA faculty, staff, and trustees gathered May 24 for our annual chairman’s dinner, celebrating retiring faculty and trustees and those marking milestone years at the Academy.

Retiring Trustees
Beverly Biggs
Colin McFarland

35th anniversary
Peggy Scolan, Middle School math teacher

30th anniversary
Tom Drahozal, Upper School principal

25th anniversary
Carol Bollacker, Middle School math and science teacher

20th anniversary
Elizabeth Raser, second grade teacher

15th anniversary
Sarah Haskins, French teacher
Heather Kurut, Middle School principal
Beata Skawiniak, buildings and grounds

10th anniversary
Michael Ellis, music and band teacher

5th anniversary
Colleen Amberg, Middle School humanities teacher
Peggy Bergin, Director of the Arts
Lisa Camastro, Upper School Spanish teacher
Kate Davis, kindergarten teacher
Russell Harvey, buildings and grounds
Travis Novack, Upper School social studies teacher
Dan Peters, Middle School social studies teacher
Jim Reedy, Director of Community Relations
Christian Rogala, music teacher
Louis Saggione, Director of Buildings and Grounds

Derek Smith, Upper School humanities teacher