De-Mystifying The Honor Council


The purpose of Morgan Park Academy's Upper School Honor Council is to allow for a unified and objective evaluation of a student's work as it relates to our Honor Code. The MPA Honor Code “prohibits lying cheating, and stealing relevant to the school community.”   There are many high schools, colleges, and universities in the United States that have Honor Councils that operate similarly to ours including Middlebury College (Vermont), Princeton University (New Jersey), Davidson College (North Carolina), Duke University (North Carolina) and Knox College (Illinois) just to name a few. Like these schools, we chose the model to allow for [...]

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Growth Mindset: Development Through Dedication


I often begin my year teaching second grade by reading students the book The Little Engine that Could. Many current and former second graders remember me telling them to be “the little engine that could” or whispering the chant, “I think I can, I think I can.” As a parent, I frequently told my children, “positive attitude, positive experience.” Whether the child was tackling a challenging math concept or practicing a new ballet combination, I found encouragement and praise throughout the process often led to the breakthrough. A belief in themselves, fueled by effort and encouragement, resulted in growth. Psychologist Carol [...]

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Model UN Club Travels to University of Chicago Conference


Eight Upper School students took part in one of the biggest Model UN conferences in the nation, joining more than 2,600 high school students at the Model United Nations of the University of Chicago on Feb. 2-5. Tasneem Abassi, Hannah Branit, Emma Huang, Celeste Kettaneh, Dillon Leonard, Olga Mourgelas, Vincent Oganwu, and Ben Rosen teamed up to represent Ghana on committees dealing with human rights, refugees, disarmament and international security, atomic energy, and social, humanitarian, and cultural issues. Model UN is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, current events, effective communication, globalization, and [...]

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WYSE Team Wins Big at Regionals


Morgan Park Academy's WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) team began its postseason push with a strong performance at regionals, finishing second among schools with 1,500 or fewer students at the University of St. Francis in Joliet on Feb. 3. Teaming up to advance to next month's sectional round were Divya Avula, Lisa Chen, Annika Echols, Zachary Guido, Banu Gulecyuz, Berat Gulecyuz, Daniel Jesuthasan, Alana Lay-Phillips, Grace Lei, Kevin Lei, New Nontakarn, Davey Salwan, Katarina Stanley, Tony Tang, Will Wei, and Adam Wu. Competing in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, math, and physics, MPA not only easily won [...]

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Teaching Students: A Work of Art


My favorite subject when I was in school was art. I loved to draw and even tried to excel in painting and clay. What I loved most about art class was that the product was never truly finished. As an artist, I was able to go to class, work on my craft, and make my product a little better each day. The beauty of art class is that every day brought a new perspective, and taught me that change, and work, is fluent and ongoing. This same approach, to me, is what being a teacher is all about. Each student is [...]

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Shooting Star Joins the 1,000-Point Club


Junior shooting guard Isis Rodriguez scored her 1,000th career point on Jan. 27, reaching the mark faster than any player in the history of the MPA girls' basketball program. Isis, a three-year starter and three-time all-ISL selection, became the eighth member of the program's 1,000-point club with a pair of free throws in the second quarter of the Warriors' 86-26 win against St. Francis De Sales. Her seven predecessors are Liana Akkawi ’08, Kate Kozacik Galley ’93, Christine Linnerud ’01, Jaclyn Mortimer Latteri ’01, Gabrielle Ogbevire ’16, Lopa Pandya ’04, and Shaneah Taylor ’01. Each is a member of the MPA Athletic Walk of Fame except for [...]

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Stress in Adolescents


For many parents, our day begins with running around to get ourselves and our kids ready for the day. We drop them off at school or daycare, then rush to work to juggle various tasks to accomplish our goals. At the end of a hectic work day, we pick up the kids to shuffle them to lessons or sports. We then trudge home to make dinner, help complete homework, or tidy up the house, hoping to then throw ourselves into bed by 10 or 11 pm to get enough rest for the next day. Sometimes we fall asleep quickly, but many [...]

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