Summertime Safety


With summer break just around the corner we are gearing up for lots of outdoor summer fun. Here are a few tips to help keep your child safe and healthy during summer break. Promote water safety- Never leave children unattended in pools and wear properly fitted life vests when participating in water activities. Protect against the heat and sun- Always wear sunscreen and/or hats when outside in the sun, and never leave children unattended in the car even if the window is cracked, cars heat up very quickly! Stay hydrated- Drink plenty of water. Sugar containing beverages like soda pop and [...]

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Managing Your Child’s Social Media Use


As much as we hope that our children will be frolicking outside this summer, let’s be realistic and acknowledge that students relaxing at home means having more time to explore online.  Keep an eye on who your child is interacting with on their electronic devices.  Is your child hiding their devices when you enter the room?  Has their mood changed after group texts or online use? By not accepting your friend request, are they hiding something? Giving your child an electronic device opens them up to an unruly world.  They might be following your rules and innocently texting with a classmate, [...]

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The All-Important College Visit


College Counselors, rightfully so, consistently emphasize the extreme importance of the college visit in determining the right college fit for each student. A college visit can in many ways confirm a student's interest in a particular school, or have quite the opposite effect: a student realizes that that particular school is not for him. Whenever possible, a college visit should play a vital role in determining the student's "final list" of schools he/she will apply to. Getting the most out of a college visit is important to obtain a true feel from a school. As a senior in high school not very long ago, I will never [...]

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Meet Our Seniors: Hiba Katerji


Hiba (bottom) during her Project Week trip to Thailand. Hiba is heading to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and she has been at MPA since 6th grade. Q & A Favorite MPA tradition: One of my favorite MPA traditions is the end of the year Academy Day/Carnival. It is a way to positively end the school year and lets students have a day of fun and excitement with their friends before parting with most of them for the summer. Last year, it was my job, along with the rest of Student Council, to plan, organize, and run the day for everyone. We [...]

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Parent Volunteers Recognized With Malcolm Award


We celebrated our many wonderful parent and alumni parent volunteers, including this year’s Thomas Malcolm Volunteer Award winners, at our annual volunteer appreciation dinner May 6. Launched in 2014, the Malcolm Award is named for Middle School science teacher and Dean of Student Life Tom Malcolm, who has modeled the ideals of community service and volunteerism for our school community for more than three decades. PHOTOS: VOLUNTEERS APPRECIATION DINNER This year’s award winners were: Thomas Dryjanski, Mark O'Neill, Sharon Eichinger, and Masheba Gailey Harris. Here is Mrs. Sheppard's full speech: There is someone here at the Academy who embodies the ideals of community [...]

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Project Week 2017 – La Pura Vida in Costa Rica


“Pura Vida” is a common expression I often heard the people of Costa Rica say to one another during one of my visits to this beautiful country.  I asked several Costa Rican people what “Pura Vida” meant and  what I surmised from many responses and my own experiences I will disclose at the end of this blog. The MPA trip to Costa Rica provides a good balance to learn about the language, cultural, ecological, and environmental systems of this peaceful country. Some experiences that students will have include having Spanish lessons taught by native instructors in traditional Costa Rican structures that [...]

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