When the last pair of sneakers had been put away (for now) and the last number had been crunched, the final total was pretty eye-popping: The Morgan Park Academy community walked, jogged, and ran a combined 18,200 miles during our Wellness Walk fitness challenge this school year. That’s three-quarters of the way around the world!


MPA students, families, alumni, faculty, and staff counted their mileage from September to May, with the faculty and staff team leading the way with 6,371 miles. MPA family members totaled 3,757 miles, and Middle School students placed third in the team standings with 2,433 miles.


The Wellness Walk is the latest of several all-school fitness challenges spearheaded in recent years by physical education teacher Sue Oczkowski.


“Thank you, one and all, for your interest and willingness to maintain a higher level of physical fitness,” Coach O said. “This is something you will cherish for the rest of your days. It’s great when good habits about health and well-being are established early in life. As always – be well, everyone!”