MPA welcomed 102 students from more than a dozen local schools for a K-8 chess tournament on Friday, Feb. 13.

Divided by age into four divisions, the tournament featured individual and team awards as well as a prize for each player, many of whom were competing in their first chess tournament!

Congratulations to the 19 Lower School and Middle School students who represented MPA: Angela Aguilar, Miles Beachum, Caeden Cooper, Christian Cunningham, Andrew Delaney, James Gray, Deniz Gulecyuz, Tyr Jacques, Aidyn Jones, Saanvi Malkani, Jayda Matthews, Hayden McClellan, Jordyn McCoy, Quentin McCoy, Liam Murray, Alex Norrington-Reaves, Leo Panozzo, Heaven Payton, and Sean Sutton.

They combined to win one individual and three team awards:
1st place, Grades 6-8 individual – Deniz Gulecyuz
3rd place, Grades 6-8 team – Deniz Gulecyuz and Andrew Delaney
1st place, Grades 4-5 team – Miles Beachum, Christian Cunningham, James Gray, Tyr Jacques, Saanvi Malkani, Hayden McClellan, Alex Norrington-Reaves, Sean Sutton
3rd place, Kindergarten-Grade 1 team – Caeden Cooper, Aidyn Jones, Jayda Matthews, Jordyn McCoy, Liam Murray
For more information about after-school chess lessons, please contact Betty Callihan (email).