jeffreyJeffrey is headed to Washington University in St. Louis to study biomedical engineering. He has been at Morgan Park Academy since kindergarten.

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Proudest accomplishment:

One of the proudest accomplishments of my high school career was my third-place finish in Engineering Graphics at this year’s WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering) state finals.

When I joined the varsity team three years ago, as the lone freshman, competing in subjects previously foreign to me, I had many intelligent teammates with years of experience to look up to and learn from. They sparked my desire to study and compete. Our team won first place in the state competition my first year, and each year since them, I have pushed myself to live up to the high standards set by those older teammates. My finish this year validated all of that hard work and dedication.

Favorite class:

The best class that I took in high school was AP Biology with Mrs. Drown my sophomore year. Mrs. Drown is an incredible teacher and made the learning not only easy but fun.  The class was filled with interactive labs, creative projects, and intriguing lessons, all to help us better master biology. It was this class in which I discovered my passion for the intricacies of the human body, as I studied every function and process of the body along with various traits of evolution or individual parts of a plant.

Favorite teacher:

Probably my favorite teacher in high school has been Mr. Smith. Each day, he came into school ready to teach, armed with an arsenal of tools to help us to learn. Whether or not we realized it at the time, each assignment or project or discussion was aimed at preparing us for what was to come. The resources that he brought to class were so insightful and thought-provoking, allowing him to guide the conversations into completely unforeseen directions. After two years in class with Mr. Smith, I feel more prepared than ever to face the future.

How did MPA prepare you for success in college?

MPA has prepared me in more ways than I could ever imagine. Most important, it has given me an open mind with which to approach the world and has introduced me to so many unique individuals with a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds. The countless lessons that I have learned from the excellent teachers, both pertaining to the class and those which are beneficial in other ways, will stick with me forever. I have formed so many strong relationships that will last me a lifetime, providing me with a growing network across the country. I could not have asked for a better education.

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