amberAmber is headed to Vanderbilt University to study biology. She has been at Morgan Park Academy since first grade.

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Favorite class:

My favorite high school class was AP Biology during my sophomore year with Mrs. Drown. It was my first AP class and I learned so much. It also inspired me to choose my career path of biology.

Favorite teacher:

Mrs. Drown is my favorite teacher because even though I only had her for one class, she has continuously encouraged and helped me in many areas. She has become so much more than a teacher, as she always supported activities around campus that I was involved in and also checked on me academically. She wants to see me succeed in all areas and has sacrificed so much time and energy for it to come to pass.

Favorite co-curricular activity:

Being a part of Student Council throughout high school, my classmates and I were able to accomplish so much to make everyone’s experience at MPA better. I learned so much about people through this co-curricular and cherish all of the memories.

Proudest accomplishment:

Directing the student-run dance show this spring was the most amazing school and life experience. Seeing students from every background, with different interests, come together, along with having teachers from all of the divisions participate, was so humbling. We raised about $4,000 for HIV/AIDS research through Dance for Life.

How did MPA prepare you for success in college?

MPA has, of course, prepared me academically, instilling good study habits, teaching me to juggle a heavy and intense courseload, and pushing me to do better; however, the most important lesson I have learned from MPA is how to do better. I have learned that there is a bigger world out there than our world here at the corner of 111th and Western. I have developed a wider cultural understanding and appreciation.

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