ahadAhad is headed to Purdue University to study biomedical engineering. He has been at Morgan Park Academy since sixth grade.

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Favorite class:

The whole learning environment in Mandarin class was intelligent, fun, and full of life. It was very easy for me to learn a complicated new language thanks to Ms. Zhao’s help and teaching.

Favorite co-curricular:

I was able to co-found a cryptocurrency club with my friends. It was great being able to discuss the economy of an online currency with my peers.

Favorite memory:

My favorite MPA memory, hands down, was the eighth-grade trip to Costa Rica — being able to visit a new country whose culture I had learned about in my Spanish class. Taking a trip to a different land opened my eyes to the other situations in the world.

How did MPA prepare you for success in college?

MPA has given me so many opportunities to grow and mature throughout my seven years here. Whether it’s the amazing Project Week experiences, the ability to be a friend to anyone, or to just be able to be involved, MPA offered every tool to each student so that we could be strong, both individually and as a group.

I learned how to get along with my teachers and how to utilize their help as well as that of my peers. MPA has also introduced me to such a diverse environment of students, which has helped me learn about all kinds of people.

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