adilAdil is headed to the University of Michigan to study political science with plans of continuing on to medical school. He has been at Morgan Park Academy since ninth grade.

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Favorite teacher:

I had never had a teacher who can connect with you and give real-life advice beyond the book like Mr. Smith does. I can listen to his stories for days and his advice is always spot on. He’s genuinely a great guy, and we share many of the same passions.

Favorite assignment:

We did a cell model creation project in AP Biology with Mrs. Drown sophomore year, and my partner and I modeled our cell after the Chicago Bulls basketball team. We set up the whole team, from Tom Thibodeau to Derrick Rose, representing different parts of the cell. Our presentation had spotlights and the Chicago Bulls intro music. It was brilliant.

How did MPA prepare you for success in college?

MPA prepared me by teaching us to foster interactive and mutually prosperous relationships with our teachers. At the college level, it will more daunting to approach professors and attempt to get one-on-one time; however, due to my success with that in high school, I don’t feel nervous. I feel confident that my experiences with teachers here at MPA will help me translate such success in college and ultimately be beneficial towards my future ambitions.

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