When will my child be fluent?


This is a question that language teachers get all of the time. My normal response is "well, I’ve been working on it for about 20 years." Parents’ eyes usually pop out of their head, amazed. Gaining language proficiency takes tons of time and dedication, and yes, it usually takes many, many years. It’s better to treat fluency, then, like an ongoing process rather than an ultimate destination. Most students of language simply won’t wake up “fluent” one day; instead, they should notice small incremental improvements in their fluency over long periods of time. Before we speak more about the process of [...]

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Why Girls (or Anybody) Should Play Golf


Often athletics is a large part of the experience that many people look back on when reminiscing about the good ol’ days of high school: from making the team as a freshman, to leading the team to a title as a junior or senior, and for a select few, to turning the high school years of practice into playing a sport in college. After college, you may play a sport in a recreational league like volleyball, basketball, or softball. I was like most athletes. I played basketball in high school, wanted to play in college, and dreamed of going pro someday. [...]

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A World Perspective from a Lower School Point of View


Because the world is our backyard, it is imperative to develop global citizens beginning with our youngest students. Global Leadership is a core value at Morgan Park Academy, and we instill this principle even in our Lower School children. Through developing cultural awareness and an appreciation of others, students recognize and participate in a global community, understand their interdependence with others, and realize their citizenship spans countries and continents. Opportunities to interact with the world are embedded within the Lower School curriculum, not simply saved for a week or two during Global Explorers Week. Throughout the year, our faculty nurtures the [...]

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What We’re Doing Right – Reflections from the AMLE Conference by our Director of Global Learners Program


How do you know if your child has received a good education? How do you determine its value?  I wrestle with these thoughts nearly every night. With the pace that the world is changing, the number of unknowns for our children, the interconnectedness of the world today, and the fact that the jobs in biggest demand today did not even exist 15 years ago, I often wonder if schools are doing what is truly best for our children.  Is their education (my new favorite word) life-worthy? Recently, I attended the AMLE Conference in Columbus, Ohio and had the privilege of hearing [...]

What We’re Doing Right – Reflections from the AMLE Conference by our Director of Global Learners Program2019-02-22T23:37:26-06:00

Making Connections and More “Ah-Ha” Moments in the Classroom: Curriculum Integration


Ah-Ha! Yes! I got it! Ohhhhhhh! All of these phrases come from students when they ‘get it’, when the light bulb has been lit, when they’ve finally figured something out. They describe the glimpse of real-time learning teachers strive for every day in their classrooms. These are moments teachers work to see, to witness in their students in every lesson, every activity. However, these moments are sometimes hard to find, hard to catch, and hard to create in the classroom.  Educators are perpetual students themselves, seeking to better their classrooms for their students and their communities so that more of their [...]

Making Connections and More “Ah-Ha” Moments in the Classroom: Curriculum Integration2019-02-22T23:37:32-06:00
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