MPA Speaker Series


MPA has some wonderful speakers lined up for the 2015-2016 school year. Speakers include our school counselor, Jennifer Stec, speaking on the myths and truths of nurturing children, Chicago detective Charles F. Hollendoner on the importance of online safety for children, Carrie Goldman on cyberbullying in social media, and Robert Sornson on routines for families in the summer. The series is open to the public and the full line-up, times, and location can be found at this link.

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Not Your Grandmother’s Term Paper: The Demands of Research on Students Today


“Doing research on the Web is like using a library assembled piecemeal by pack rats and vandalized nightly.”  --Roger Ebert Students today are faced with this veritable avalanche of information every time they do a google search. Sadly, quantity does not equal quality, and students are often so overwhelmed by the number of search results that they simply choose the first couple links and look no further. As a result, over the past several years I have come to realize that what I used to teach as research was a gathering of information. What I must teach now is the curation [...]

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Do Kindergartners Have Homework?


As an early childhood educator for many years, this is one of the first questions posed by prospective and current kindergarten parents during open house events, classroom tours, and back-to-school nights. Why is this such a popular query? Well, adults have very busy lives and, understandably, they want to know the homework expectations and how these may possibly alter their evening schedules.  Parents familiar with some public school demands have shared horror stories of children having packets of worksheets that need to be completed after a full day of school.  Other parents, however, welcome homework and are looking for ways to [...]

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The Importance of Time Management


Time Management is always an issue that students and adults face as we try to meet all the demands placed on us. It is important for students to experience the entire Upper School experience and managing time well is a crucial part of successful Upper School life. First and foremost, that means working up to one’s potential in the classroom. However, second to that includes being well-rounded. Find some activities that interest and immerse yourself in them just like you do with your classes. These could be playing on our sports teams, getting involved with school plays, or some of the [...]

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What Colleges Are Looking For


A commonly asked question by students and parents alike is, “What are colleges looking for in an applicant?”  While most often there is no set formula or specific list that each college provides, there are common themes that are important to consider. Through the college application and supplemental materials, students are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their uniqueness, and to exhibit what they can contribute to that particular college campus. Colleges will view a student’s transcript (semester grades for each year within high school) and a student’s standardized test scores (ACT and/or SAT). Students should be able to demonstrate academic success [...]

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The Spirit of the MPA Community


Spirit was the theme for our 2015 All School Spirit Week/Homecoming Celebration. But does that mean “with spirit” or “about spirit?” What is spirit, who has it, and why is it so important? Students feel like their school is "Number One" when they feel they belong to something special. The school with the most spirit is not necessarily the one with the loudest pep rallies, the most championship teams, or the most posters around the school at game time. Rather, the most spirited school is the one that has the largest percentage of students who feel like they belong. The challenge, [...]

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US Advantage Night


Join us on October 21st at 6:30pm for an interactive evening filled with information to educate you on the benefit of an Upper School MPA education. You will have the chance to hear from our college counselor about the benefits of our one-on-one program and sample some of our exciting curriculum. Please take advantage of this opportunity to meet our Upper School faculty, talk with our curriculum leaders, and find out why our program was ranked 4th in the state of Illinois. 

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Why Teach Character Education?


When meeting with parents or even prospective families, I am often asked how we teach Character Education at Morgan Park Academy. I don’t think anyone has ever asked me why we teach it. We all share the basic belief that our children should have strong character and be good people. But there is so much more to the benefits of being a school with a passion for Character Education and how it is woven into our curriculum. We begin teaching and modeling strong character in Preschool with The MPA Way: Be Kind and Do Your Best. Kindness comes first for a reason. [...]

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Middle School Teacher Honored as ‘Hero in the Classroom’


By Kyle Garmes The Beverly Review It was a surprise for Morgan Park Academy middle school teacher and assistant principal Dan Peters when he was honored by the Chicago Bears, but for his students and colleagues, it was no surprise that he deserved such recognition. Peters thought he was attending a secret school assembly, but instead, he was soon on stage with representatives from the Chicago Bears, who gave him a check for $1,000, tickets to the Bears game on Oct. 4 and other gifts. Peters, a fourth-year history teacher at the school, was named a “Symetra Hero in the Classroom” [...]

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