Mr. Peters Receives Hero in the Classroom Award


Congratulations, Dan Peters! Today, Mr. Peters received the Heroes in the Classroom award, sponsored by the Chicago Bears, Symetra, and Gallagher Benefit Services! The McGunn family nominated Mr. Peters and he is one of 16 K-12 teachers in the Chicago area chosen out of hundreds of nominees. Look for him at the Bears game on Sunday, October 4th! The Bears will recognize Mr. Peters and MPA at the game. Mr. Peters was surprised with a presentation in-school in front of his wife, students, and colleagues. In addition to the presentation during this weekend's game, he receives a $1,000 donation for classroom books and [...]

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Pinwheels of Peace


In recognition of the annual International day of Peace on September 21, 2015, Morgan Park Academy students, faculty, and staff once again participated in Pinwheels for Peace. The pinwheels remind us of our continual strive for peace in our world today.

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Understanding the Middle School Age


I have a standard joke that I use with both students and teachers in the first week of school. It goes something like this: “Welcome back!  The first few weeks of school are a lot like when a space shuttle re-enters the Earth’s atmosphere – it’s really exciting, but also has the potential for disaster.” All of us – adults and kids alike – are facing a major schedule change, dealing with a lot of unfamiliar people, and trying to adjust to new routines. Add to that the challenge of being a pre-adolescent, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster… or [...]

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Mr. Radulescu Wins Teaching Award


Mr. Radulescu received the Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Chicago! Every year, the University asks its new class to commend their high school educators. New freshman (and last year's MPA valedictorian) Analiese Batchelor nominated Mr. Radulescu. The award recognizes teachers who introduce students to new realms of discovery, challenge them intellectually, and productively channel their interests.

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Mr. Drahozal Explains the GPA


Last year we decided to change the way we calculate our GPA and adopt the more commonly used 4.0 scale. We feel strongly that this will make it easier for students, parents, and colleges and universities to understand how Morgan Park Academy calculates its GPA. Additionally, to acknowledge the effort that goes into challenging courses, Morgan Park Academy will start weighting the grades for AP and Honors courses. An additional 0.5 GPA score is now given for each Honors course and an additional 1.0 GPA score is now given for each AP course. Students taking AP and Honors courses are required [...]

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