Congratulations to the cast and crew of our fabulous Upper School fall play! This year’s show was “Arsenic and Old Lace,” a classic black comedy farce about a wealthy, eccentric family with a penchant for murder.


Director: Mrs. Bergin

Assistant Directors: Zachary Bertucci, Jessica Bollacker

Set Design: Zachary Bertucci

Costume Design: Madison Delaney, Hannah Branit, Diego Gomez

Music Design: Madison Delaney

Makeup: Libby Wallenstein

Stage Management: Jessica Bollacker, Jessica Pendergast

Art Design: Bernadette Sarabia

Sound Operator: Davey Salwan

Light Operator: Jeffrey Eichinger

Crew: Berenisse Castillo, Jessica Pendergast, Danielle Catlett, Andrew Nelson, Michael Perry

Cast: Madison Delaney, Lauren Adams, Zachary Bertucci, Francesca Milliner, Kirsten Schmidt, Analiese Batchelor, Isabella Mourgelas, Adam Cvik, Journey Davis, Sze Lee, Will Callihan, Gregory Wittenberg, Niles Williams, Ellie Hease