By Theo Covello ’18

In the days before starting at Morgan Park Academy, I was a nervous wreck.

Questions were swimming around in my mind: Would I make friends? What was the homework situation like? How hard would the classes be? The high school fears plagued me. People told me it wouldn’t be a problem, yet I still had doubts.

Little did I know that all those who had assured me were right.

My fears melted in the first half hour of school. Orientation and shadowing paid off, because I knew many people at the school, and easily made friends. As for the classes and homework, they were slightly more challenging than what I used to do, but, frankly, why shouldn’t they be?

My old school was a small school, which held approximately 200 people total. Since I was there from preschool to eighth grade, I preferred a small school environment. Thought Morgan Park Academy is a bit larger, it is still rather small. But that is a positive, in my opinion. A smaller school means that everybody knows each other better, and teachers understand every individual.

One of the best parts is that I’ve only been here for two months, yet I already feel connected to the school. The school has a great education and great friends. The school also has much more to offer with its co-curricular classes. These include newspaper and Model UN, two co-curriculars I would highly recommend.

If I have such a high opinion of the school already, then imagine what my opinion will be months later! If there is such a place to call my second home, then MPA definitely earns that title!

Theo is a freshman at Morgan Park Academy. This essay originally appeared in the October 31, 2014 issue of the MPA Way student newspaper.