From Lower School drawing club to Model UN (pictured above), Morgan Park Academy co-curricular activities are a great opportunity for students to become their best selves and develop their interest and passion for a subject.

When it comes to co-curriculars, quality is key. Students and the causes they are working for will benefit more if they devote time to a select group of activities, rather than working halfheartedly on too many.

Co-curricular activities should fit a student’s academic interests; and above all, the activities should be something they enjoy doing! They should be used as tools for self-discovery, as they allow students to learn what they truly love and are often the best ways to discover their desired path in life.

Here is a quick checklist to aid you in assessing what might be a good fit:

  • What causes are you most passionate about?
  • How much time can you dedicate to a cause?
  • Where do you feel you can make a difference?
  • What skill set can you offer?
  • What skills do you want to develop?
  • What topics do you want to explore?

Consider your answers to these questions and you’ll find a co-curricular activity that is right for you!

By Thomas Malcolm

Mr. Malcolm teaches Middle School science and is our Dean of Student Life.