Global Village Visit Opens Eyes


MPA ninth-graders stepped into the shoes of someone else a world away in an overnight trip to the Heifer Global Village in Howell, Michigan. Students participated in a 24-hour program at Howell Nature Center about population, hunger, poverty, disease, and resource allocation, learning about the challenges faced by people in other areas of the world. In a guided walking tour of the global village, students explored the model houses and the lives of people living in the diverse regions of the world where the Heifer International organization works. Through role-playing, games, stories, and hands-on artifacts, they learned how humans, animals, and [...]

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Service Through Action


Service through action at MPA combines classroom instruction with meaningful community service, emphasizing critical thinking and personal reflection while encouraging a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility.

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Flexible Grouping in the Lower School


If you’re like me, you remember times in school growing up when it wasn't hard to identify which group was the “smart kids.” Teachers might not have classified them as such, but all the students knew which group was the accelerated group — which left some of us feeling not-so-smart. Yet even beyond the obvious social and emotional drawbacks of establishing separate “tracks” for different groups of students, the fact is that such a system doesn't even reflect students’ true abilities. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, areas where they shine especially bright and areas where they need more help. In keeping with [...]

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South American Group Visits MPA


Morgan Park Academy students enjoyed a day of cultural exchange when they welcomed to campus a visiting group of students and teachers from Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru on Sept. 23. Hosted locally by the World Chicagoorganization, the South American visitors were on a tour of several U.S. cities, studying how social values such as multiculturalism, diversity, activism, and civic responsibility are manifested in American culture. MPA was a natural fit! Our visitors worked with Lower School students on Spanish and geography lessons, and allowed Upper School students in Spanish 3 and AP Spanish Literature and Culture the opportunity to practice their language [...]

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5 Ways to Talk to Your Teenager


Most parents know what it’s like to get one-word answers when they ask their teenagers or pre-teens “How was your day?” or “How are your friends?” at the dinner table or in the car. If they think back, they might remember being on the receiving end of those questions when they were that age — questions that I know always seemed to catch me in a bad mood, no matter how well-intentioned, non-invasive, or non-threatening my parents tried to be. But now, talking with teenagers — and getting them to actually communicate — is a large part of my job as [...]

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