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House Walk

Coach Sue Oczkowski welcomes all students, parents, and all members of the Academy community to the House Walk, a new, year-long fitness challenge and house challenge.

Keep track of the miles you walk, jog or run, and they will count toward your house's quest to walk all over the world. Each house starts the challenge at the center of a different continent and heads off toward goal cities.

As miles add up, you will e-mail these totals to your House Leaders.

Thanks for walking! It’s a great way to encourage House participation and awareness, and also a good way to stay in shape.

Please contact Coach O (email) with any questions.

Key Points

1. Remember to e-mail your miles to your House Leader. (Ask Coach O if you don’t know who that might be.) Use the subject line “House Walk Miles." You should probably report your miles once or twice a month; there is no need to send one mile at a time! Just remember to get your miles sent by the end of each month.

2. All family members are eligible to count their miles for the House.

3. This challenge is for walking, jogging or running. Treadmills and elliptical machines are okay, too. No bikes, swimming, or roller blades.

4. Many students have started to wear pedometers, which is a GREAT idea. With a pedometer, you simply wear it all day and count your miles when you take it off at night. Pedometers are available at most sporting goods stores, and are available for reasonable prices. This way, you don’t have to count laps or measure out distances ahead of time.

House Leaders: Reporting Your Miles

Blake House
Lower School: Theresa Murphy
Middle School: Nick Salerno
Upper School: Joshua Deanes

Norton House
Lower School: Skylar Taft
Middle & Upper School: Riddhi Shah

Theodore House
Lower School: Olivia Ortiz
Middle School: Rachel Sorfleet
Upper School: Olivia Arnold

Withington House
Lower School: Brianna Kramer
Middle School: Madeline Raaflaub
Upper School: Kunal Berry

All House Leaders' email addresses follow a basic formula of "first initial" plus "last name" (i.e., Joe Smith would be JSmith@morganparkacademy.org).

Please send your miles to only one of your House Leaders.


Who may participate?
Anyone who is currently a House member for the 2012-2013 school year. This includes our parents and families!

Can we ride bikes or use roller blades?
No. This challenge is walking, jogging or running. A treadmill or elliptical may be used as long as it shows an accurate mileage readout.

How do we report our miles?
When you complete miles, you will e-mail that information to your House Leader. All miles for the month must be submitted by the last day of the month.

Where will we be walking?
Our imaginations will take us to the geographic centers of the 7 continents over 7 months. Each House will be walking in a different direction towards target goal cities. Each city is about 100 miles away, but we may go further as we get stronger.

Where can I walk on campus?
If you walk around Jones Bowl, including the circular sidewalk by the Arts Center, you will complete a mile after doing 4 laps.

What are we trying to win?
This is not so much about winning. It is a challenge for participation and to get points for your House by completing the most miles. Even if your House doesn’t walk the farthest, you’ll still get points for the miles you complete.

How do I sign up to participate?
No need to sign up – just start tracking your miles and e-mail them to your House leader by the end of each month. You can do as much as you want as often as you can.

How often should I send my miles to my leader?
As long as your miles are in by the last day of each month, you can send them whenever you’d like. It might be best to send them in once a week or every two weeks.

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