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Annual Giving Fund | In Recognition of Our Donors

Founders Circle
$10,000 plus

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Duchossois ’40

Mrs. Kathryn Findlay

Dr. Matthew Kamin and Dr. Diana Zamojski

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGunn

Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Rajeev Rathi ’84

Mr. Aloysius Stonitsch and Ms. Helen Witt

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Story

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tadin

Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Tully ’39


Headmasters’ Circle
$5,000 to $9,999


Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred Boarden

The Crist Family

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Finkelstein

Martha G. Moore Foundation

Marina Cartage Inc.

Mat Leasing Inc.

MAT Waste/Northwest, Inc

Mr. Kenneth Mortenson ’63

Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Nathwani

Mr. Richard Nichols and EZ Links

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Paris ’86

Mr. Brian and Dr. Catherine Raaflaub

Dr. and Mrs. Gene Ranieri

Mr. and Mrs. George Ribet

Dr. James Wallace and Mr. Colin McFarland

Benefactor’s Circle
$2,500 to $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bertucci

Mr. William Hickey ’71
  and Mrs. Leslie Hickey ’72

Mr. Alfred Hoffman ’52
  and Mrs. Marcia Payne-Hoffman

Mr. James Kowalsky and
  Dr. Vicki Williams-Kowalsky

Mr. and Mrs. George Macey

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Smith

Mr. and Mrs. James Tuthill Jr. ‘71

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Vallas

Mr. Robert Zaniolo

Laureate Circle
$1,000 to $2,499


Mrs. Harriet Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. James Biggs

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark III

Dr. Robert and Dr. Tonya Coats

The Chicago Community Trust

Dr. and Mrs. Hugo Cuadros

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danielewicz

Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeLaney

Ms. Joni Duncan ’81

Mr. John Eber

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eichinger
  - In Memory of Joyce Rasmussen

MPA Fathers’ Club

Dr. and Mrs. John Gersack

Mr. Joseph Grassi ’43

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guilford ’61

Dr. Julia Harris ’85

Dr. and Mrs. Michael Heniff

Mr. John E. Horn ’69

Dr. and Mrs. Juan Jimenez

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jucewicz

Mrs. and Mrs. Robert Keelan

Dr. and Mrs. Dong Kim

Mr. David Leeb

Mr. Thomas Malcolm

Dr. Sunil and Dr. Manjari Malkani

Mr. David Milliner
  and Dr. Jondelle Jenkins Milliner

Dr. and Mrs. Ejikeme Obasi

Dr. and Mrs. Sam Robinson

Mr. and Mrs. Glen Ruffalo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Rund ’61

Mr. Daniel Sabol

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salerno

Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Sheppard

Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Snodell ’62

Mr. and Mrs. William Springer ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Taft

UBS - Bank of America


Academy Partner
$500 to $999

Dr. Garfield Batchelor
  and Dr. Minakshi Joshi

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bollacker

Ms. Denise Boswell

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bratsos

Mr. Scott Bray ’06

Mr. Timothy Brooks
  and Dr. Tracy L. Gaston-Brooks

Dr. Nirav Chudgar and Dr. Sonal Parikh

Mr. David Cuadros ’86
  and Dr. Susana Ugarte ’91

Mr. John Cummings
  and Mrs. Maria Ruiz-Cummings

Mr. Jay Dobrutsky and Ms. Barbara Green

Mr. Thomas Drahozal
  and Ms. Dianne Durham

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Duncan

Dr. Michael Dunlap
  and Dr. Ophelia Carlton

Ms. Claudia Fortuna

Dr. Mehmet and Dr. Yesim Gulecyuz

Mr. Steven Grassi
  and Mrs. Sara Grassi ’71

Mr. Michael Hall
  and Mrs. LaVelle Smith-Hall

Mr. John Hall

Mr. Michael Harris
  and Mrs. Masheba Gailey-Harris

Mr. Richard Zimmerman and Mrs. 
   Annemarie (Hennelly) Zimmerman ’88

  - In honor of Jerry and Evelyn Hennelly

Mr. Earle Irwin

Ms. Alice Keane

Dr. Akbar Khan

  and Dr. Samina Chaudhry-Khan

Dr. and Mrs. Satwant Kingra

Mr. William Kwan ’49

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Levin ’45

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd ’61

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McClure ’60

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Montgomery ’64

Mr. and Mrs. Neville Mordi

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mostert

Mr. and Mrs. Niko Mourgelas

Dr. and Mrs. Kermit Muhammad

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Panozzo

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Petkus

Mr. and Mrs. Terence Raser

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Roy

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ruiz

Mr. and Mrs. L. Mikael Salovaara ’71

Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Smith, DPM, P.C.

Mr. John Stokes ’88

Ms. Joan Timberlake

Dr. Robert Trefil and Mrs. Susan Trefil ’66

Mr. Kevin Waller and Mrs. Jean Roche

Dr. Samir Wassef and Dr. Wafaa Hanna

Mrs. Nike Whitcomb


Century Club
$100 to $499

Mr. and Mrs. John Aberson ’47

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald V Aitchison ’57

Alta Vista Graphic Corporation

Mr. Francisco Garcia and Mrs. Ivet Alvarado

Mr. Hama Amadou
  and Mrs. Debra Christian-Amadou


  - In Memory of Winnie Theodore

Ms. Demetra Ashley

Mr. Asa Bacon ’44

Mr. and Mrs. William Baffes
  and County Fair Foods

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bazile

Mr. Stefan Bell
  and Mrs. Felicia Towns-Bell

Mr. Herman Berghoff and Berghoff
  Catering and Restaurant Group

Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Berkey

Dr. Adarsh and Dr. Varsha Bhan

Mr. and Mrs. David Bird

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Boex ’52

Ms. Kelly Boles

Mr. Jack Borok ’64

Mr. and Mrs. William Braker ’44

Mr. James Bremer
  and Mrs. Peggy O’Brien-Bremer

Dr. Rev. and Mrs. Roger Brewin

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brisard

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Burd ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Burmeister ’61

Ms. Carla Burns

Dr. Ernest and Dr. Joycelyn Cabrera

Mr. and Mrs. James Callihan

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Campagna

  - In Memory of Winnie Theodore

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carpenter ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Antony Carter

Mr. and Mrs. David Case

Mr. and Mrs. Javier Casimiro

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Catlett

Dr. Sandeep Chandra
  and Dr. Madhulika Saxena

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Chrzanowski ’57

Mr. Kareem Daniel ’92

Mr. and Mrs. John De Stefano ’61

DeLaney Law Office, Ltd.

Mr. and Mrs. Marco DeVito

Mrs. Maria Dillon

Mr. Robert Dolehide ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donahue

Mr. and Mrs. Dalyn Drown

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Drynan,Sr. ’49

Mr. and Mrs. George Eck

Mr. Glenn Esses ’78

Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Fields

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fitch

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fleming

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fonsino, DA ’59

Mr. Edward Gardas ’53

Mr. Robert Gear ’51

Mr. and Mrs. Donn Gear ’54

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gear ’56

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas George ’64

Ms. Jane George ’66

Ms. Erna Gilbert

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gustavson, USA (Ret.) ’61

Dr. and Mrs. Nashib Hashmi

Mr. David Hechler ’86

Mr. Vincent Hermosilla

Mr. James Hess ’61

Ms. Lauren Hicks

Dr. and Mrs. Walter Hofman ’50

Mr. David Honor ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Horton ’48

Ms. Julia Irons

Dr. Terry R Johnson ’50

Mrs. Nancy Johnson-Stout ’71

Dr. and Mrs. William Jones

Mr. and Mrs. David Jones, Jr. ’78

Mr. Manfred Kekstadt ’61

Ms. Yolanda King

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kliros ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Koberna ’49

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kraus

Mr. and Mrs. George Kumis ’66

Mrs. and Mrs. Ray Kurut

Mr. Todd Lafayette
  and Mrs. Danielle Agee

Mr. and Mrs. Troy LaRaviere

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lawler

Mr. Charles Lay

Dr. Edward Lee ’84

Mr. and Mrs. Danilo Lenzi ’60

Ms. Erin Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Linnerud

Mr. and Mrs. J. Manz

Ms. Tammy Marks

Ms. Tammy McDade

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGovern

Mesirow Financial

Ms. Shaylin McNamara

Dr. Vishal M. Mehta ’91

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Meyer ’64

Ms. Kari Misulonas ’82

Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Naklicki

Mr. Levon Nazarian and
  Mrs. Claudia Nazarian ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nelson ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Northcross

Mr. and Mrs. Don Norton ’73

Ms. Kelly O’Brien

Ms. Mary O’Toole ’81

Dr. Vincent A.U. Oganwu and
  Dr. Rita N. Oganwu

Ms. Susan Olszewski

Mrs. Mary Ortigara

Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ortiz

Palos Sports

Dr. John Panozzo and Ms. Dawn McHugh

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Pearce ’61

Ms. Manisha Pedraza

Dr. Peter Perrotta and Dr. Sharon Kraus

Mr. and Mrs. David Perry

Mr. Mark Prokop ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Arnt Quist, PE ’52

Ms. Betty Reichel

Dr. Harry and Dr. Elizabeth Reynolds

Mr. Michael Rogers ’69

Mr. Robert Rolfe ’52

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rosen

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosi ’68

Ms. Janet Rowan

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Sarabia

Mr. Johnny Sarabia, Jr. ’11

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shopiro ’70

Col. and Mrs. Gene Simonson ’45

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sipich

Mr. and Mrs. Jacek Skawiniak

Mr. Michael Skerniskis and Ms. Pam Orda

Mr. and Mrs. Michael St. Clair

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Steinbarth ’81

Ms. Sara Strasser ’98

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Swinea

Mr. Lee Tew ’48

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Theodore ’69

Ms. Sumara Thompson-King ’76

Ms. Steffanie Triller ’99

Mr. and Mrs. John Tubutis

Dr. Luis and Dr. Alicia Ugarte

Mr. Hobart Van Deventer ’39

Mr. and Mrs. Brice Veasman ’71

Mr. Richard Vitkus ’57

Mrs. Abigale Wagner

Mr. Matt Walsh

Mr. Daniel Wefler and
  Mrs. Bonnie Wefler ’45

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Weisberg ’65

Mr. Richard Singer
  and Mrs. Charlotte Welton-Singer ’62

Ms. Mary Wersells
  and Ms. Elizabeth Wersells - In Honor  
  of Mr. Malcolm 35 Years of Service to 
  Morgan Park Academy

Mr. David Wilkinson ’77

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams

Mr. Edward Wimp ’08

Mr. Jeffrey Wittenberg
  and Ms. Krishna Lakhani

Mr. and Mrs. Wladyslaw Wodziak

Mr. Steven and Dr. Cheryl Wolfe

Ms. Linda Wolgamott

Mr. and Mrs. Del Wright Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Yadav

Mr. and Mrs. George Yaksic

Academy Friend
Up to $99

Dr. and Mrs. Sherriff Alli-Ballogun

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson ’36

Ms. Barbara Arnold

Dr. Surendra Avula and Dr. Sunitha Avula

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barnes

Mr. Vincent Beachum
  and Dr. Robin Beachum-Whatley

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Beals

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Blitz ’61

Mr. Tommie Bouie
  and Mrs. Karen Williams-Bouie

Ms. Dawn Bowe Coltri

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bowes ’39

Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Bryant

Ms. Brett Bryant ’86

Mr. Charles Burns

Mr. Marc Calabretta

Mr. R. Paul Cassabon

Mr. and Mrs. Vince Clark

Mr. Donald Coller ’70
  and Mrs. Ann Coller ’72

Mrs. Alice Coller

Mr. James Coston ’73

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Crespo

Mrs. Margaret Currie

Mr. and Mrs. Ronney Deanes

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Dinos ’95

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dixon ’47

Ms. Catherine Dunlap ’73

Mr. John Duzansky ’58

Ms. Meghan Dwyer

Mr. Kyle Earman ’09

Mrs. Pat Egan

Mr. and Mrs. John Erickson ’65

Mr. and Mrs. James Fifer

Mr. Charles Fitzgerald
  and Ms. Mary Ellen Dennehy

Mr. and Mrs. Leo Frontera

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Fry

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Fullilove

Mr. Arthur Gaetano ’59

Mrs. Jennifer Galbraith ’94

Dr. and Mrs. James Gerdy ’61

Ms. Lori Gillis

Ms. Nicole Goss-Smith
  and Ms. Erica Smith

Mr. Michael Reich 

  and Mrs. Elaine Grossman-Reich ’76

Mr. Charles Gundelach ’62

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Haffner

Ms. Marilyn Hanzal

Mr. David Guido and Mrs. Sarah Haskins

Ms. Wendy Heilman ’89

Mr. Bob Held

Dr. Michael and Dr. Dionne Henderson

Rev. and Mrs. William Hendren ’46

Mr. Paul Holzman and Ms. Mira Kopell 71

Mr. Jeff Hull

Ms. Mary Hunter ’74

Mr. and Mrs. Theodis Ivy

Mr. Ronald Kammerer ’54

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Klein ’55

Mr. and Mrs. Barton Kramer

Ms. Katherine Krasin ’65

Mr. Richard Krueger ’71

Mr. James Laban ’72

Ms. Christine Larson

Mr. William Lingas ’45

Mr. William Liptak ’49

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Little

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lopez

Prof. and Mrs. Errol Magidson

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. William Manley

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marmo

Mr. Peter Matson ’67

Ms. Connie McGee

Mr. and Mrs. Donald McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Tyrone McKnight Jr.

Ms. Rhonda McNair

Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Mejia

Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert Melin

Mr. Kelley Clute and Ms. Anne Melville

Ms. Rosalind Moore

Mr. and Mrs. Franz Mullings

Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Nanni

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Naylor

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Neely

Dr. Cristina Nelson ’72

Mr. Marcus Nichols ’11

Pat O’Connell

Ms. Susan Oczkowski

Mr. James Odom and Ms. Andrea Durbin

Ms. Lynda Pariso

Dr. Sunil Patel

Mr. and Mrs. John Pebler

Mr. Ernesto Pedroza 

  and Mrs. Jenny Cruz-Pedroza

Ms. Pamela Phillips

Ms. Crystal Phillips

Mr. Channon Price ’71

Mr. and Mrs. Ghulam Rasul

Dr. and Mrs. Gerardo Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Gerardo Reyes

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rochelle

Dr. and Mrs. David Rosi ’67

Mr. and Mrs. Bentley Rutherford ’83

Mr. and Mrs. Tim Scolan

Mr. Brian Singleton 

  and Mrs. Rena Battles-Singleton

Mr. Karl Smith ’70

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith ’77

Mr. and Mrs. James Sonntag

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sorfleet

Dr. Roger Spencer and Dr. Alexis Jones

Mr. David Stopka ’87

Mr. Steve Terborg

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas

Mr. Kenneth Thomson, Esq. ’58

Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Tillman

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Titus

Mr. Ricardo Tostado
  and Mrs. Jacqueline Cibils

Mr. Paul Treskow

Mr. Timothy Troy ’72

Mr. Mark Valentine
  and Mrs. Margaret Brett

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Viezens ’67

Ms. Denise Walton

Mr. Cochise Wash
  and Dr. Joan Horton-Wash

Mr. Gregory Gray
  and Mrs. Shelia Webster-Gray

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Wilson

Mr. James Wognum ’63

Dr. Darryl Woods
  and Dr. Phiippa Norman-Woods

Mr. Daniel Yohay

Ms. Joan Younger-Stevian

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