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Annual Giving Fund - In Recognition of our Donors

Founders Circle [$10,000+]

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bertucci
Dr. and Mrs. John Gersack
Mr. Kenneth Mortenson [63]
Mr. Aloysius Stonitsch and Mrs. Helen Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Story
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tadin
Mr. C. Robert Tully [39]
Anonymous Donor

Headmasters' Circle [$5,000 to $9,999]

Dr. and Mrs. Wilfred Boarden
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clark III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael DeLaney
Mr. David Hibbs and Dr. Maria Hibbs
Mr. William Hickey [71] and Mrs. Leslie Shimmin-Hickey [72]
Mr. D. Stephen Menzies, Jr. [73]
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Pelz
Mr. and Mrs. Cornel Raab
Mr. Brian and Dr. Catherine Raaflaub
Dr. Hareth Raddawi and Dr. Ada Arias
Mr. Rajeev [84] and Mrs. TJ Rathi
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sipich
Mr. and Mrs. John Tubutis

Benefactor's Circle [$2,500 to 4,999]

Dr. Ernest and Dr. Joycelyn Cabrera
Mr. Robert [73] and Mrs. Sally Carpenter
Mr. Morgan Gasior [81]
Mr. Jeffrey Gilbert and Ms. Malinda Steele
Illinois Tool Works
Mr. James Kowalsky and Dr. Vicki Williams
Mr. and Mrs. George Macey
Mr. and Mrs. Edward McGunn
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Kishore Nathwani
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Rose
Mr. Walter Snodell [62]
Thrall Family
Dr. James Wallace and Mr. Colin McFarland

Laureate Circle [$1,000 to $2,499]

Dr. Amal Agarwal
Mrs. Harriet Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Mahmoud Badawi
Mr. William Braker [44]
Chicago Community Trust
Ms. Claire Concannon [85]
Ms. Lori A. Dixon-Greenberg [84]
Mr. Demetrios Dourdourekas
Mr. David Bonnan and Ms. Jean Doyle [79]
Mr. Ronald D. Drynan, Jr. [79]
Mr. John E. Eber
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Erzen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fuller
Mr. Joseph X. Grassi [43]
Ms. Marilyn Hanzal
Ms. Julia Harris [85]
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Jucewicz
Dr. Matthew Kamin and Dr. Diana Zamojski
Mr.and Mrs. James Kang
Dr. Muhammad Kudaimi and Dr. Randa Loutfi
Mr. William Kwan [49]
Rachel Lindsey, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Linnerud
Dr. Mihir and Dr. Mita Majmudar
Dr. Sunil and Dr. Manjari Malkani
MPA Fathers Club
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O'Neill
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Petkus
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pettigrew
Mr. and Mrs. Rodd Rasmussen
Mrs. Betty Reichel
Mr. and Mrs. Neville Reid
Mr. and Mrs. George Ribet
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salerno
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Tillman
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Vallas
Mr. David Williams and Mrs. Frieda Watson-Williams
Ms. Linda L. Wolgamott

Academy Partner [$500 to $999]

Dr. and Mrs. Mohammed Abbas
Mr. Abel Aguilar and Ms. Linda Radford
Dr. Surendra Avula and Dr. Sunitha Avula
Dr. Garfield Batchelor and Dr. Minakshi Joshi
Mr. and Mrs. Viney Berry
Dr. Adarsh and Dr. Varsha Bhan
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bielinski
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bollacker
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Brisard
Dr. and Mrs. Roger Spencer
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Melvin Bunn
Mr. James Callihan and Mrs. Betty Melville
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cantrell
Mr. and Mrs. David Case
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Casimiro
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Chenoweth
Dr. Robert and Dr. Tonya Coats
Mr. Daniel Crowe and Ms. Bridgett Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. John Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doherty
Mrs. Catherine Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eichinger
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Feldman
Mr. Michael Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fleming
Mr. Michael [83] and Mrs. Lisa Giglio
Mr. Richard Gruenwald [49]
Mr. John and Dr. Vanessa Hagan, Jr.
Mr. Donald [68] and Mrs. Dawn Hayner
Mr. William Haynes-Morrow [98]
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Holmstrom
Mr. John E. Horn [69]
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kealy
Kirkland & Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Krengel
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Lichtenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Rajeev Marwaha
Rev. and Mrs. Otis Moss III
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Panozzo
Dr. Sunil Patel and Mrs. Amy Sinos-Patel
Dr. Peter Perrotta and Dr. Sharon Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. David Perry
Dr. and Mrs. Gene M. Ranieri
Mr. and Mrs. Terence Raser
Dr. and Mrs. Mohammad Razzaque
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rosen
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Roy
Mr. L. Mikael Salovaara [71]
Ms. Jacquelyn Sengstacke
Dr. and Mrs. Sundarshan Sharma
Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Sheppard
Ms. Carrie Swearingen [82]
Madame Martha H. Swift [52]
Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Villasenor
Mr. Richard F. Vitkus [57]
Mr. Sean Washak [83]
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams

Century Club [$100 to $499]

Mr. John Aberson [47]
Ms. Michelle Alfano
Mrs. Monica Alves
Mr. Dominic E. Amadio [59]
Mr. R. Soren Andersen [64]
Mr. Pierre E Audet [65]
Mr. Sean Barnes and Mrs. Kimberly Pickens Barnes
Mr. Robert Behrns [77]
Mr. Harry Beil [45]
Ms. Joyce Bonner
Mr. James [79] and Mrs. Ting Ting Branit
Mr. James Bremer and Mrs. Peggy-O'Brien-Bremer
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brooks
Ms. Antoinette Bryant
Ms. Carla Burns
Mr. Malcolm Campbell [49]
Mr. Alan B. Canfield [59]
Mr. and Mrs. Antony Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Sanjiv Chadha
Dr. Sandeep Chandra and Dr. Madhulika Saxena
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Churchill
Mr. Frank M Clark II
Ms. Sheri Cohen
Mr. Barry Coleman [49]
Ms. Ellen Concannon [99]
Ms. Virginia Cooper
Ms. Carol P. Coston [75]
Mr. Philip Cree [48]
Mr. Charles D Cresap [52]
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danielewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Ronney Deanes
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Doherty
Mr. Jay Dobrutsky and Mrs. Barbara Green
Mr. Thomas Drahozal and Ms. Dianne Durham
Mr. Ronald D Drynan, Sr. [49]
Dr. Gregory Dumanian [79]
Mr. and Mrs. George Eck
Dr. Marlon and Dr. Michele Everett
Mr. and Mrs. James Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fitch
Mr. Karion J. Fitzpatrick [47]
Ms. Tamara Frazier
Dr. and Mrs. Vinston Glover
Ms. Robin Goss [63]
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Griesbach
Mrs. Diane E Groenewold [85]
Dr. Mehmet and Dr. Yesim Gulecyuz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Heilman
Ms. Mary Kate Henry [77]
Mr. Robert Nolan and Mrs. Daryce Hoff-Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hoyles
Mr. Earle Irwin
Dr. Calvin M. Johnson [46]
Mr. David A. Jones, Jr. [78]
Mrs. Sara Kandl [86]
Mr. Eugene Katz [59]
Ms.  Alice Keane
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keelan
Ms. Yolanda King
Mr. Mark C. Klein [55]
Mr. Frederick Koberna [49]
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kurut
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Langston
Ms. May Lawler
Mrs. Mildred Linnerud
Mr. Frank A. Major [42]
Mr. Thomas Malcolm
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Maloney
Susan E. Mangels, PhD
Ms. Tina Mattera [85]
Mrs. Rebecca McGovern
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McLarty
Mr. Kelley Clute and Ms. Anne Melville
Ms. Kari Misulonas [82]
Mr. Fred H. Montgomery [64]
Ms. Rosalind Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Niko Mourgelas
Dr. and Mrs. Kermit Muhammad
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Mullaney
Ms. Selma Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Win Myint
Mrs. Claudia Nazarian [78]
Mr. and Mrs. Ejikeme Obasi
Ms. Susan Oczkowski
Ms. Mary B. O'Toole [81]
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pauling
Mr. John Pebler [59]
Dr. April Platt
Dr. K. and Dr. J. Ranga
Ms. Robyne Robinson [79]
Mr. Michael H Rogers [69]
Mr. Edward A. Rund [61]
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Sanford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. John Seastrom
Mr. Andrew A. Selva [57]
Mr. Richard Shopiro [70]
Mr. Ron L. Shrum [59]
Ms. Verneta Simon [78]
Mr. and Mrs. Jacek Skawiniak
Mr. Kevin Smith [87]
Mr. Marc D. Sokol [88]
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sorfleet
Mr. and Mrs. Mariano Sori-Marin
Mr. Jeffrey Spencer [88]
Mr. William Springer [61]
Target-Take Charge of Education
Mrs. Maria Thomas [74]
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Titus
Mrs. Susan Trefil [66]
Ms. Steffanie Triller [99]
Mr. Timothy N. Troy [72]
Mr. Hobart Van Deventer [39]
Benjamin von Fischer, DO [92]
Mr. Kevin Waller and Mrs. Jean Roche
Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Wallenstein
Mr. Eudell Watts and Mrs. Julie Culberson-Watts
Dr. Linda M. Weinfield [76]
Mrs. Janet L. Wiegel-Elmore [60]
Mr. David Wilkinson [77]
Dr. Mark Williams and Dr. Stephanie Whyte-Williams
Mr. Steven and Dr. Cheryl Wolfe
Mr. Yesse Yehudah and Mrs. Donna Newman
Mr. Robert Zaniolo
Mr. and Mrs. James Zegel

Academy Friend [Up to $99]

Dr. Shelly Agarwal [2000]
Mr. and Mrs. Trevett Allen
Mr. Francisco Garcia and Mrs. Ivet Alvarado
Col. Allen Andreasen [47]
Mr. and Mrs. Kendall Berkey
Mr. Carl Bibbs and Ms. Cheryl Jewell
Ms. Denise Boswell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bradley
Ms. Karen Butler [80]
Ms. Monique Carter
Ms. Nora Casey
Ms. Adriana Cuevas
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Davis
Ms. Cynthia DeBoise-Davis
Ms. Mary L Derwinski [74]
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Egan
Mr. Michael Ellis
Ms. Carmena Fleury
Mr. Robert B. Gamble [48]
Mr. William Gaps [52]
Mr. Donn V Gear [54]
Mr. Robert L. Goes [81]
Ms. Vivian Greenwood
Mrs. Elaine Grossman-Reich [76]
Mr. Eric Bell and Mrs. Sherry Grutzius
Mr. James Haggard [77]
Mr. David Guido and Mrs. Sarah Haskins
Ms. Wendy Heilman [89]
Mr. David Honor [67]
Ms. Julia Irons
Dr. Terry R Johnson [50]
Mrs. Leora Jones
Mr. Jay E. Kennedy [55]
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith LaBranche
Mr. Aras Lapinskas [89]
Ms. Christine Larson
Mrs. Cynthia L Layer [76]
Mr. Greg Lochow
In Honor of my Students and Advisees-Mr. Malcolm
In Memory of Donald E. Malcolm
Mr. and Mrs. William Manley
Ms. Kimberly March-Muntean [87]
Mr. and Mrs. Williams Morrison
Mr. Robert Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Alla Mryan
Dr. Cristina Nelson [72]
Mr. Gary Nestor [50]
Ms. Kelly OBrien
Mr. and Mrs. Mario Ortiz
Ms. Lynda Pariso
Ms. Tracey H. Payne
Mr. Richard S. Phillips [43]
Mr. and Mrs. Ghulam Rasul
Mrs. Mary A Roy [74]
Mrs. Julie Rudawsky [70]
Mrs. Nancy Runyon [74]
Mr. Michael E. Salazar [74]
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Sarabia
Ms. Katey Schuitema
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Scolan
Dr. and Mrs. Kailash Sharma
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Sheahan
Mr. Michael Skerniskis & Ms. Pam Orda
Ms. Allison Smith [77]
Mr. Nathaniel R Stelton [74]
Ms. Phyllis Stopka [82]
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tangel
Mr. Paul Treskow and Mrs. Margaret Currie
Mr. Gregory Gray and Mrs. Sheila Webster-Gray
Mr. Daniel Weisberg [65]
Ms. Susan Withington [68]
In Memory of Edward L. Yoder
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jennifer [90] Young

Last Updated 3-15-2010

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